Bethesda trying to prevent Interplay from producing damning evidence in Fallout: Online trial

Bethesda has filed a motion in limine against Interplay as a lead up to their jury trial. Our inside source claims that Bethesda is trying to prevent Interplay from producing damning evidence in court.

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Alos882354d ago

I was really hoping they'd settle this out of court, if Interplay get the Fallout license back we'll never see another Fallout game.

NYC_Gamer2354d ago

interplay only wants to leech off the success that bethesda has made fallout

Alos882354d ago

The real problem is that they simply don't have the money to produce a Fallout game, or any new game for that matter. Look at what Interplay do nowadays; they rerelease their older works on new systems.
Frankly, I imagine they'll be bankrupt in ten years regardless of this case's outcome.

sonicsidewinder2354d ago

I believe it's only for the right to make the Fallout mmo.

ZombieAssassin2354d ago

I don't think the Fallout license would go back to Interplay, Bethesda bought it fairly but their was a loophole in their contract that allowed Interplay to make a FalloutMMO if certain requirement were met...and now basically Bethesda put Fallout on the map and prolly want to make their own MMO or just don't want Interplay banking off their hard work.