HD DVD Surpasses 750,000 Dedicated Players

Following landmark Black Friday promotions through major retail chains, the North American HD DVD Promotional Group today announced that sales of dedicated HD DVD players exceeded the 750,000 mark.
The data is based on retailer reports and other point of sale data, and includes standalone set-top players as well as the Xbox 360 HD DVD player.

"HD DVD continues to gain momentum and market share with consumers,"
said Ken Graffeo, executive vice president of HD strategic marketing for
Universal Studios Home Entertainment, and co-president of the HD DVD
Promotional Group. "With more than four weeks left for holiday shopping, HD DVD is turning out to be a perfect consumer electronics gift."

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Multigamer3950d ago

add me on to that list soon, and a few of my mates.

Mr Marbles3950d ago

Even the CEO of Sony is now admitting that this will probably end in a draw, both formats will co exist, especially once dual format players are cheap and common.

Grassroots3950d ago

Why are you buying a format that is on it's last legs for the past year. Think before you purchase, the amount of quality movies are found on Blu-ray. Get your moneys worth even if it costs more.

The video contained show the real future of Hd-dvd.

PS3PCFTW3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

The title should have read: "750k sold on black friday in USA, 0 hddvd players sold in other countries on the same day".

im sick and tired of all these twists and with held information.

Earths population stands at 6,602,274,812- 7 bill, thats EARTH not USA. stop thinking inside the bubble. Especially when the euro and yen are worth more than the dollar/ people prefer european cars/ and the east is 2 tech generations are ahead of us.

this is why other countries consider americans pigheaded. when ignorant people think we are the best at everything when clearly were not.

usa is not the end all deciding factor.

@1.4= i see ur analogy.....but 3/4 of hollywood is backing bluray exclusively........even after hddvd launched first!! where were 3/4 of hollywood when bluray was not around?1 whole year before bluray was launched.

@1.6= they cant add in ps3 numbers because then it will be apparent that hddvd is fighting tooth and nail to stay alive. They however have, can, and will continue to leave out these details in order to confuse the public.

@1.7= ok so almost 2 years later and they only sold 750k? thats not even double of the bluray numbers......with 100 dollar hddvd hardware.

I pity anyone who believes this hddvd false advertising. any joe shmo will believe this to the "t", but people in the know or avid audiovideophiles know the real deal.

same joe shmo who will buy a hddvd now, then buy a bluray player once he figures out cheaper aint better......or else we'd all be driving kia sophias.


Rooftrellen3950d ago

More than just America matters, but America does matter a lot in this case. In the console war, why is Japan so important? Simple, the developers are almost all there.

Now, unless you move Hollywood to another country, America is going to be vital in this format war.

marinelife93950d ago

1. I don't want my $99 player only broadcasting in 1080i.

2. I still can't watch the majority of the movies I want to see in hi def because they are only on Blu-Ray.

3. Over a year and a half it took to get to 750k players? I can't wait to see Toshiba's financial's.

IntelligentAj3950d ago

Actually only the Euro is worth more than the dollar. One Dollar is worth about 110 yen. Also why is it that the HD-DVD add-on for the 360 is added to total sales for HD-DVD but the PS3's that are sold aren't counted towards Blu-ray players? Interesting...

Mainman3950d ago

HD-DVD players didn't sell 750.000 players on black friday.

After black friday, the number of total sold HD-DVD players surpassed 750.000 units. This is total number of HD-DVD players sold in America (or the world, not sure).

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kingofps33950d ago

750,000 players, ok. Multigamer and his mates buy one each and thats about it. Case closed. BLU-RAY is the future, believe it.

ruibing3949d ago

So while they sold 750,000 players, Blu Ray has recently sold 1,000,000 movies while HD-DVD sold only 370,000, which means Blu Ray is leading 3:1 thanks to the millions of PS3s there.

wil4hire3950d ago

(due to the cheap hardware)

Bluray makes actual disc-sales, and is continuing to. People that own bluray have the money to re-buy entire collections.

People that couldn't afford bluray.. aren't exactly rushing otu to buy $300.00+ worth of discs almost monthly.

Can we just end this HD-DVD crap already? I mean I want shrek, but not as bad as I want the entire pixar collection.

Vip3r3950d ago

I think Blu-ray has the better hardware number when you include PS3s alone not to mention the other standalone players too.

Death3950d ago

Capable Blu-Ray players out number HD-DVD by about 7 million players, yet Blu-Ray movies are only selling 2 to 1 with HD-DVD. These are real world stats, so apply this data to your statement.


Biphter3950d ago

but the body of the article says it includes Xbox 360 add on. So basically its contradicting itself. Put that against however many million Blu-Ray players (Including PS3, seeing as this article includes Xbox 360 addon).

And Death, the 2:1 ratio is still 2:1 no matter if there are 5 million Blu ray players to 1 million HD-DVD. Blu-Ray is out selling HD-DVD and has been constantly all year. Now put it into a bit more perspective, That 2:1 is in USA alone. Add to this Europes 5:1 and Japans 9:1 in favour of Blu-Ray and you start to realise the GLOBAL picture here.

DEIx15x83950d ago

When an Xbox 360 add on is purchased someone is spending money on the device for the sole purpose of watching movies, just like when buying a stand alone player. The add on is bought with the same mindset as a stand alone. When a PS3 is bought it is bought for the purpose of playing games (or at least as a gamin device it should be). So an Xbox 360 HD-DVD add on means movies while PS3 means games. So the 360 add on should always be included while PS3 should not unless a calculated curve is applied.

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Zhuk3950d ago

while it is great news, HD DVD is focusing too much only on the US, while Blu Ray goes unopposed basically everywhere else

jorellpogi3950d ago

Don't prolong the format war. Let's get this over with.

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