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Submitted by predator 2992d ago | news

HD DVD Surpasses 750,000 Dedicated Players

Following landmark Black Friday promotions through major retail chains, the North American HD DVD Promotional Group today announced that sales of dedicated HD DVD players exceeded the 750,000 mark.
The data is based on retailer reports and other point of sale data, and includes standalone set-top players as well as the Xbox 360 HD DVD player.

"HD DVD continues to gain momentum and market share with consumers,"
said Ken Graffeo, executive vice president of HD strategic marketing for
Universal Studios Home Entertainment, and co-president of the HD DVD
Promotional Group. "With more than four weeks left for holiday shopping, HD DVD is turning out to be a perfect consumer electronics gift." (Tech)

Multigamer  +   2992d ago
add me on to that list soon, and a few of my mates.
Mr Marbles  +   2992d ago
Both will survive
Even the CEO of Sony is now admitting that this will probably end in a draw, both formats will co exist, especially once dual format players are cheap and common.
Grassroots  +   2992d ago
Why are you buying a format that is on it's last legs for the past year. Think before you purchase, the amount of quality movies are found on Blu-ray. Get your moneys worth even if it costs more.

The video contained show the real future of Hd-dvd.

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PS3PCFTW  +   2992d ago
750k sold on black friday in USA, 0 hddvd players sold in other countries on the same day
The title should have read: "750k sold on black friday in USA, 0 hddvd players sold in other countries on the same day".

im sick and tired of all these twists and with held information.

Earths population stands at 6,602,274,812- 7 bill, thats EARTH not USA. stop thinking inside the bubble. Especially when the euro and yen are worth more than the dollar/ people prefer european cars/ and the east is 2 tech generations are ahead of us.

this is why other countries consider americans pigheaded. when ignorant people think we are the best at everything when clearly were not.

usa is not the end all deciding factor.

@1.4= i see ur analogy.....but 3/4 of hollywood is backing bluray exclusively........even after hddvd launched first!! where were 3/4 of hollywood when bluray was not around?1 whole year before bluray was launched.

@1.6= they cant add in ps3 numbers because then it will be apparent that hddvd is fighting tooth and nail to stay alive. They however have, can, and will continue to leave out these details in order to confuse the public.

@1.7= ok so almost 2 years later and they only sold 750k? thats not even double of the bluray numbers......with 100 dollar hddvd hardware.

I pity anyone who believes this hddvd false advertising. any joe shmo will believe this to the "t", but people in the know or avid audiovideophiles know the real deal.

same joe shmo who will buy a hddvd now, then buy a bluray player once he figures out cheaper aint better......or else we'd all be driving kia sophias.

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Rooftrellen  +   2992d ago
More than just America matters, but America does matter a lot in this case. In the console war, why is Japan so important? Simple, the developers are almost all there.

Now, unless you move Hollywood to another country, America is going to be vital in this format war.
marinelife9  +   2992d ago
1. I don't want my $99 player only broadcasting in 1080i.

2. I still can't watch the majority of the movies I want to see in hi def because they are only on Blu-Ray.

3. Over a year and a half it took to get to 750k players? I can't wait to see Toshiba's financial's.
IntelligentAj  +   2992d ago
Actually only the Euro is worth more than the dollar. One Dollar is worth about 110 yen. Also why is it that the HD-DVD add-on for the 360 is added to total sales for HD-DVD but the PS3's that are sold aren't counted towards Blu-ray players? Interesting...
Mainman  +   2992d ago
HD-DVD players didn't sell 750.000 players on black friday.

After black friday, the number of total sold HD-DVD players surpassed 750.000 units. This is total number of HD-DVD players sold in America (or the world, not sure).
kingofps3  +   2992d ago
Any more?
750,000 players, ok. Multigamer and his mates buy one each and thats about it. Case closed. BLU-RAY is the future, believe it.
ruibing  +   2992d ago
So while they sold 750,000 players, Blu Ray has recently sold 1,000,000 movies while HD-DVD sold only 370,000, which means Blu Ray is leading 3:1 thanks to the millions of PS3s there.
wil4hire  +   2992d ago
HD-DVD has always had the hardware number... common sense.
(due to the cheap hardware)

Bluray makes actual disc-sales, and is continuing to. People that own bluray have the money to re-buy entire collections.

People that couldn't afford bluray.. aren't exactly rushing otu to buy $300.00+ worth of discs almost monthly.

Can we just end this HD-DVD crap already? I mean I want shrek, but not as bad as I want the entire pixar collection.
Vip3r  +   2992d ago
I think Blu-ray has the better hardware number when you include PS3s alone not to mention the other standalone players too.
Death  +   2992d ago
Think about it,
Capable Blu-Ray players out number HD-DVD by about 7 million players, yet Blu-Ray movies are only selling 2 to 1 with HD-DVD. These are real world stats, so apply this data to your statement.

Biphter  +   2992d ago
The title says Dedicated players
but the body of the article says it includes Xbox 360 add on. So basically its contradicting itself. Put that against however many million Blu-Ray players (Including PS3, seeing as this article includes Xbox 360 addon).

And Death, the 2:1 ratio is still 2:1 no matter if there are 5 million Blu ray players to 1 million HD-DVD. Blu-Ray is out selling HD-DVD and has been constantly all year. Now put it into a bit more perspective, That 2:1 is in USA alone. Add to this Europes 5:1 and Japans 9:1 in favour of Blu-Ray and you start to realise the GLOBAL picture here.
DEIx15x8  +   2992d ago
When an Xbox 360 add on is purchased someone is spending money on the device for the sole purpose of watching movies, just like when buying a stand alone player. The add on is bought with the same mindset as a stand alone. When a PS3 is bought it is bought for the purpose of playing games (or at least as a gamin device it should be). So an Xbox 360 HD-DVD add on means movies while PS3 means games. So the 360 add on should always be included while PS3 should not unless a calculated curve is applied.
Zhuk  +   2992d ago
while it is great news, HD DVD is focusing too much only on the US, while Blu Ray goes unopposed basically everywhere else
jorellpogi  +   2992d ago
Don't prolong the format war. Let's get this over with.
Fighter  +   2992d ago
It makes sense for the price it's being sold for
Now we will have to see the upcoming HD movie charts to see if this makes a difference in software sales too. If I had a chance to buy a 1080p HD DVD player for $99 I would but I still support Blu ray because of the exclusives and the fact that my PS3 plays HD movies and I won't have to buy another player to view them on my HDTV.

I can see HD DVD moving more units for the holidays mainly because of the price but I'm sure the Blu-ray group are working on something.
AddisonW  +   2992d ago
HD-DVD is dead. Get over it.

No one wants to hear about the damn format anymore.

There are about to be sold more BluRay playing PS3s across the planet in the next month or two than Toshiba managed to sell over the entire time HD-DVD players have been on the market. And that is just the PS3 itself and not including all of the standalone BluRay players.

Pickup a PS3 for 400 bucks, the remote, and a Netflix subscription for 15 bucks a month or so and you will soon be in BluRay 1080p next gen HD movie heaven in a couple of days. Once you go 1080p BluRay there is no going back.
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Bolts  +   2992d ago
The problem with Netflix is they simply do not have enough Blurays available for rent. I have both HDDVD and BR and I found that HDDVDs are much easier to get. I'm not sure if they stock more HDDVDs or the demand for BR are too high, but as soon as any BR movies come out it's on the long wait list. Movies like Live Free or Die Hard and that Disney Rat movie is freaking impossible to get now while Transformer is listed as available.
mikeslemonade  +   2992d ago
Netflix has all the blu-ray movies. Netflix could be a little bit faster shipping the discs though, but if you want to end this war go to Netflix and be a blu-ray subscriber. They even make you choose to have either blu-ray or hd-dvd and you can't have both. Netflix is trying to see which format gets more customers. Once Netflix is exclusive to blu-ray the war is over.
wallace1000  +   2992d ago
These posts aren't bad to read when people make intellectual arguments. However, saying that HD-DVD dead is plain stupid because last time i checked both formats are still selling and gaining new supporters each day.
HarryEtTubMan  +   2992d ago
haha 750,000 stand alone HD DVDS vs. 450,000 Blu Ray stand alones and 7 million PS3's.... By june next year when MGS4 releases there will EASILY be 10 million PS3's sold. You can only speculate... but they sersiouly dont have a chance... I don't get it. All the Electronics companys said they would lower Blu Ray prices also early next year. Sounds like a clearance sale to me.
Skynetone  +   2992d ago
6 mil ps3s and counting
save your-self a few quid and get a ps3

blu-ray will win with-out even trying
tordavis  +   2992d ago
HD-DVD fans have money
Where do you get this idea that HD-DVD fans don't have money? Why spend $300+ on a Blu-Ray player when you can get HD-DVD for under $200? The war isn't going to end anytime soon and the market will stay split. The people with money bought HD-DVD when it came out first.
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wil4hire  +   2992d ago
Because Bluray Discs outsell HD-DVD.
Bluray Players are more expensive.

Do you not understand this? How many people do you think can afford 600-1000 dollar players? AFFORD not stretch to buy.

HD-DVD fans don't have the disposable income that Bluray Owners do. Its just the way it is, because YOU might have some coin, doesn't mean everyone with HD-DVD has it. If they did, BLURAY WOULDN'T BE OUTSELLING HD-DVD Discs.

Get it through your head.

edonus   2992d ago | Spam
wallace1000  +   2992d ago
The only reason Blu-ray players (including everything blu-ray) out sells HD-DVD players is because Sony included a Blu-Ray player in a gaming machine (that appeals to many people). There in lies the problem, because you can't say that all PS3 owners will buy blu-ray. Someone did make the point earlier though, why is the attach rate only 2:1 (in blu-rays favor) if as someone else said there are 7 million more Blu-Ray players than HD-DVD players?
Cherchez La Ghost  +   2992d ago
You people kill me...,
You been screaming "HD-DVD is dead" for almost a year now. But yet, consumers still buying 1080i players more than people buying 1080p players. Why?!!! Because everyone doesn't own a 1080p HDTV. Blu-Ray and HD-DVD combined numbers year to date are still under DVD9 sales. HD-DVD is still alive. Just admit it and stop living in "denial"!!! Besides, everyone doesn't watch "Disney" movies like you Fan-Blu boys talk about so much.

"HD-DVD is just as strong as Blu-Ray, despite of the 2-to-1 software sales"!!!!
Biphter  +   2992d ago
The only chance HD-DVD has is in USA
And Toshiba know that. Thats why they have all but given up in the rest of the world and are selling $99 machines in USA. The only part of Europe left that still has a smitten of HD-DVD support is UK and thats dying fast. Japan is verging on Blu-Ray only. Right here in Denmark you don't see HD-DVD anywhere, I've yet to see a dedicated player in a shop.

Some people here call Blu-Ray "Blu-Ray HD-DVD" so any mention of "HD-DVD" is Blu-Ray anyway. I was in Fona once about a year ago and I asked a sales guy "Do you stock HD-DVD Discs?" just out of interest before I had bought my PS3 (and still owned an Xbox 360), he pointed me to the Blu-Ray section. I reiterated myself to mention that its a seperate format from Blu-Ray and he looked puzzled and told me that the "Blu-Ray HD-DVD" was all they had. Thats how it seems to be, a bit stupid I konw, but to many its like there isnt even a format war and Blu-Ray HD-DVD is one... ah, if only.

BTW. These special deals only exist in USA, Why? because its a lost hope everywhere else. I don't see Asda (Part of Wal-Mart) in the UK selling £99 ($150) HD-DVD players. Makes you wonder why.

USA wake up please.
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PS3 Limps on and on  +   2992d ago
Blu ray all the way baby
HD is still in it's early stages but PS3 is populizing Blu ray along with the better quality products and better movie studios. Just wait till stand alone players come down in price. Knockout blow.
gamesblow  +   2992d ago
When the HD-DVd numbers hit 1 million... that's trouble. It means it's too great to drop support altogether, but it's not enough to keep up with Blu-ray's standalones and Ps3's combined. So, that means... another 5 to 6 to 1 year of the format war. They're not there yet, but man... 1 million people are about to be upset if they pull out. It won't happen anytime soon. That's a shame. Blu-ray is the better media... For everything. Not just movies. It's for PC's, games, music, Movies... Blu-ray, like it, love it or hate it... too expensive or not... It's still better.
Merritt  +   2992d ago
"Bluray Players are more expensive.

Do you not understand this? How many people do you think can afford 600-1000 dollar players? AFFORD not stretch to buy.

HD-DVD fans don't have the disposable income that Bluray Owners do. Its just the way it is, because YOU might have some coin, doesn't mean everyone with HD-DVD has it. If they did, BLURAY WOULDN'T BE OUTSELLING HD-DVD Discs.

Get it through your head.


That has to be the most ignorant thing I have ever read or heard in my life. Your comment is such a gross generalization it's disgusting. Please supply some proof for your comment. Are you an elitest because you have a PS3 or BR-DVD player? Or are you just a douschebag that bought into Blu-Ray's hype? Get your facts straight before you post your ignorance. Why anyone would want to "afford" an inferior product is beyond me. If you think Blu-Ray is only going to succeed because "rich" people can only "afford" it, your a total moron.

I suppose everyone that buys a PS3 has disposable income as well. Because my young douschebag friend, they're the only ones buying BR-DVD players. Which might seem like a neato thing to you. To a business, it's not good. Why support a format only one company is making money on? It has happened with all Sony proprietary formats, which are far too numerous to list. History always repeats itself, Sony's arrogance has not changed at all.

Hmmm...Disney and company goes after an elitest group of people who are the only ones that can "afford" to buy something. Or they go for mom's and dad's across the country shopping at the hell that is Wal-Mart? Remember, Disney supported DIVX players as well, they said that was the superior format, as well as the same studios supporting BR-DVD now. Look where DIVX is at now.

BR-DVD is going to be succesful by default due to the PS3, so movies will be made. The studios exclusive to the format will change their minds when they see stand alone sales of the HD-DVD. Also, the companies not making money on your supposed "affordable" (because no one is buying them, apparently no one can "afford" them) players will stop producing and switch to the far less expensive tech and superior tech of HD-DVD.

It's a matter of common sense, sure your game console will push enough BR's to warrant movies being made. In the end though, it's the stand alones that mean the most, not every movie-maven is a game player and vice-versa. So please drop your elitest attitude and look and the situation without blinders on. BR-DVD will survive due to the PS3, but HD-DVD will win out due to middle America and the rest of the country buying standalone HD-DVD, and you will see an exodus of studios swtiching over in 2008. People underestimate the influence of Wal-Mart, K-Mart's etc...etc...

Sure Bang and Olufsen are fantastic sound systems, I don't see them winning any sales contests...Hmmm a $100 HD player to go with my $500 HDTV is just bought? Or a $1000-$600 HD player to go with my $500 HDTV. Due the math. It's not that difficult. Trust me. It's simple economics. The videogame world does not control the movie world. People also make the assumption that the DVD consortium is going to let HD-DVD fail...again DVD went up against DIVX a supposed "superior" format. We all know how that ended.
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Sez  +   2992d ago
good post. bubbles for you
MEGANE  +   2992d ago
yea ok!!!
but half of those wont even out put 1080p....wat HD is that?...bluray 4 me.
Merritt  +   2992d ago
My god. Again, not everyone has high-end. 1080p is not even a standard broadcast signal for over the air/cable transmission. Is 1080p HD because Sony told you it was? The difference between 1080p and 1080i, 720p on most HDTV's under 50" is negligible at best. So why does "Average Joe" consumer need it? You're going around touting a format simply because Sony said it is better. I have never seen So many sheep in my life.

There are varying degrees of wealth for people on this planet that are set at different social strcutures. 2/3'rds of the people in the U.S. shop at Wal-Mart. That isn't a number to scoff at. You can tout how BR-DVD does this better and so and reality it doesn't. There is nothing better about BR-DVD anymore after the triple layer HD-DVD's came out.

So please (as I asked the gentleman in the post I quoted before)post without blinders on. Yes PS3 will drive BR sales, yes it will be a success for Sony. It won't be a success for any other company. Trust me.
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salgoods  +   2992d ago
where did this come from...
Why do I hear a lot of ppl say Sony told the world true HD is 1080p? How did that happen? I say a commercial for an LG tv and it said teh same thing: Enjoy True HD in 1080p. So Sony is the only company saying true HD is 1080p?

They are the only companies making 1080p tv's and touting them as true HD...aren't they? (sarcasim)
Grassroots  +   2992d ago
Seriously, how do you think they can win in the long run. When more families go HD what format will they choose, the one with Disney movies, and not the one that has not a huge selection for them behind Shrek.
Merritt  +   2992d ago
Doesn't anyone read here? Please see my above posts. It's speculative BS by myself, but if economics are constant, which they typically are with the mainstream consumer. Disney will not be just on "Blu-Ray" much longer as well as all the other studios.
#16.1 (Edited 2992d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ironwolf  +   2992d ago
I have over 600 movies.
Fewer than ten are Disney. I got them when my neice was little. I don't think any of them have been used in at least 6 years. I don't know anyone over the age of 8 that gives a rodents rectum about Disney movies. That being said, I know a lot of adults who love collecting the films they grew up with. Films with John Wayne, or Elvis, or other super stars of the past. Films like Rio Bravo, the Searchers, Viva Las Vegas, or The Thing.
bootsielon  +   2992d ago
And even then, they can't beat Blu-ray sales
That must mean that, on average, almost twice that number of PS3 owners buy Blu-ray (I said on average, before you start an argument). That's a pretty hefty victory by the Blu-ray group; I would have thought that Blu-ray only had 100,000 dedicated buyers, but if "standalone" players are an indication, then I guess there are almost about a million and a half PS3 owners; the rest are standalone BD owners. This really casts doubt on HD-DVDs claims that "PS3 owners aren't interested in watching movies", though anyone could see the fallacy in the extremely broad generalization made by idiot Ken Graffeo. Anyhow, the fact that almost 25% of PS3 owners in the world buy blu-ray (unless you thought that somehow Blu-ray owners bought more movies on average than your HD-DVD owner, which I doubt) means that, with the beating that HD-DVD is getting, in America most PS3 owners actually buy Blu-ray movies. Even more in Japan and Europe. I don't see the point in this war going on other than pressuring the Blu-ray group to drop their prices.
guerojose  +   2992d ago
I love how they keep desperately clinging to meaningless numbers.

"We sold more dedicated players, in a black case, on a Thursday between 7 and 9 a.m., in Springfield Missouri, than Blu-ray did. We win!"

Enough already, it's getting a little pathetic. The world has spoken, and despite Bill Gates' infusion of massive amounts of cash, this is going to be one format that he can't control.

Die, Bride of Betamax, die!
THE_JUDGE  +   2992d ago
HD-DVD keeps trying to puff out its chest
but numbers don't lie, their putting out hot air where ever they go. BD is ruling the movie game, they may have more dedicated players but you don't need to have a dedicated player when you have a PS3!
JosefTor  +   2992d ago
You sound pretty ignorant yourself at the same time you blame Americans for being ignorant. Yes, public relations with companies want to spread the good news about their product and stimulate interest. First about the dollar versus euro and yen. Having a currency being valued over another currency does not necessarily mean superior. The fed and government of the US are trying to make the dollar cheap. A lot of good things happen when the dollar gets cheap. The main thing... the trade imbalance should go down as more people buy American goods. It is a thing that the US needs at the moment. People prefer european cars? I would love to know where you came up with that. It seems to me that Japan and America make fine cars and Mercedes and cars like that are still behind the times in reliability and fuel economy. Yes and no about the east being 2 generations ahead of us. If you are talking about phones, circuit boards and stuff like that. Then yes, they have cheap labor so the world naturally outsourced making of technology to cheap countries. Plus... they are very hard working and productive people who don't expect to get things handed to them like some Americans so they naturally make good products too. But... to me it seems like we still have the lead on cpu's, graphic cards, chipset designs, and even in phones we are catching up quick due to Google and Apple. I've been all over the world due to being in the Navy of 6 years and let me tell you that places like Singapore, Tawain, and Japan aren't some technology mecca. I don't believe America is the technology leader of the world but you go a little to far in your ignorant comments about America. All places have nice qualities and differences about them. Know that most companies are multinational these days which makes it hard to call something a European product or an American product.
Bladestar  +   2992d ago
Honesly, I can care less if blu-ray or HD DVD wins... I dislike both... Digital distribution is the future... almost 2008 and we still talking about a technology about spining discs, moving parts... just another iteration of the LP... bahh...

Why I prefer HD DVD? Because it making a whole on Sony's pockets... because is making them burn money, is prolonging the format war... without HD DVD blu-ray would have being adopted... mmmm... is like seing someone you don't like fighting with someone you hate... or watching a baseball game between a team you don't care if they win and one that you hate.

If blu-ray or HD DVD wins now.. we will be stuck with this stupid tecnology for the next 20 years, regardless of how fast our internet connection is... many countries are now serving up to 100MB...
HD disc is an exampensive technology... someone willing to pay now for an HD TV and HD player will have or have access to broadband in the next 5 years...

Digital distribution will not be a problem in 5 years.... now tell me... what the hell are we going to do with the other 15 years?
Do you think that after all the money these companies are investing in pushing these discs they will drop it because we are ready for digital distribution? It's business.. studios and the HD camp will hang to it as long as they can....

HD Disc technology is like fossil fuel... do we have other Energy alternatives? yes... but the freaken people responsible of selling it have the world on their hands... car manufacturers, etc... and as long as there is fossil fuel to sell... there always be an excuse not to use the alternatives...

All that money these companies are burning to push stupid disc should be invested in how to make digital distribution and internet speed faster.... but wait... HD camps will not make royalty of it!

So, bottom line... I hope the format war last another 5 years... and I hope services like IPTV, xbox live marketplace, Digital Cable, movies on demand, Netflix and other website that allow people to watch movies via a browser open people's eyes... since they are all doing digital distribution.
IntelligentAj  +   2992d ago
The only problem with Digital distribution is Bandwidth. Not everyone has High-Speed internet and without it digital distribution would be useless. Never mind the fact that some people just want to own the actual discs.
salgoods  +   2992d ago
i agree with bladestar...
but like someone said, (in the usa anyway), broadband is not widely available and there are still quite a bit of ppl using dial-up be it by choice or the fact they cant get broadband where they are.
ActionBastard  +   2992d ago
When every home has broadband access like electricity, water, phone, etc. then digital distribution will be viable. Otherwise you're living in an XBL Marketplace bubble. Also, some people like owning physical media. Check back in 10-15yrs.
guerojose  +   2992d ago
Sony hatred stemming from childhood head trauma?
"Why I prefer HD DVD? Because it making a whole on Sony's pockets"

Interesting, that you don't care which one long as it isn't Blu-ray. And this deep-seated hatred for all things Sony comes from where, exactly? Did you have a Walkman break on you or something? Just curious why someone would side with Microsoft and Toshiba out of pure company loyalty, regardless of the actual merits of their products.
PS3PCFTW  +   2992d ago
everyone read 1.3.

take a stand against certain people and return the favor
Green-Hag  +   2992d ago
Most misleading claim from HD-DVD group
#24 (Edited 2992d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
PS3PCFTW  +   2992d ago
that article clearly acknowledges what ive been saying all along. ms/hddvd make numbers up to confuse public. they did it with 360 sales(including rrod returns), they did it with the zune2(nobody wants em), they did it with transfromers2(false numbers), and now hddvd hardware sales.

Only people that dont have internet access will believe this hddvd crap.

haha you just sh1tted on this whole thread......+bubbles for you
#24.1 (Edited 2992d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Grassroots  +   2992d ago
You make a valid, great post yet a fanboy quickly disagree's. Bubbles
ArmrdChaos  +   2992d ago
Built for Bluray
Powered by Bluray supporters.

No need to read the rest after seeing that in the title...LOL.

This "Blog" you link is no different than any of the opinionated rants on this thread. bias there. LOL
PS3PCFTW  +   2992d ago
ohh, you mean the article that supports real facts and has no history of altered numbers and false propaganda?

THE IRONY of beleivin constant false claims..............KNOWING THAT THEY IN FACT ARE FALSE....incredible.

24.2: bubbles for youi too

24.5: lol youre so ignorant its not even funny.

there you go. knock yourself out.

before you twist anything around....this is just in NORTH AMERICA..if you cant read graphs ill explain: during hddvds 99 dollar hardware sale the movies bought spiked for a day then plumetted back down the next day while bluray stayed consistent. This means toshiba took a huge hit on that day but their software sales did not MERIT THIS hardware clearance sale. Bluray is consistent in sales without "midnight madness" deals. hddvd is doomed. PERIOD.

Overseas hddvd has long been buried and forgotten. shall i provide those links as well? do i really need to embarrass every hddvd supporter in here? seriously.

go to your local bestbuy and see how big the bluray section is when compared to hddvd= more sales.

turn on your tv to watch blu ray ads= more sales

turn on your radio, read a magazine, a newspaper=more sales.

Buy a new hdtv, camera, ps3, home theater sytem and youll see bluray ads and offers ALONG WITH THE MANUALS TO WHAT YOU BOUGHT=more sales.

why are there no hddvd ads? why is noone buying their discs WORLDWIDE?

why is hddvd dead in other countries besides america?= MS+false advertising.

hddvd is of a dying breed.

salgoods: i believe its only usa but dont quote me on it. Its just funny to me how in usa hddvd is winning but the numbers say otherwise......actually its not funny, its just false advertising.
#24.4 (Edited 2992d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ArmrdChaos  +   2992d ago
And what is fact?
Have you personally validated all this information yourself?

It is all numbers spun by perspective interests. The fact that it is presented on a pro-bluray blog and you choose to believe it doesn't make it any more fact than anyone else's opinion.

I personally don't believe what comes out of the mouths of either side...with money at stake they will both say anything.



If you wish to wave your blue little pom poms around then be my guest...I really couldn't care either way.

The point I was making was that this information can get skewed either way. I'm sure you think Wikipedia is 100% accurate too? I'll leave it up to the egomanical fanboys to argue the numbers and debate why they are the "winner".
#24.5 (Edited 2992d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
salgoods  +   2992d ago
only in america...
is the lead 2:1. its been said before, i'll say it again for those that missed the bus. 2:1 in the US only. why is everyone counting the PS3's worldwide yet only factor the blu-ray disc sales lead in america? I keep hearing "well, its like 7 mil more blu-ray players out there, they should have a larger lead"...ummm...idiot if you wanna factor in the amount of blu-ray players WOLRDWIDE, then factor in blu-ray disc sales WORLDWIDE. if you do that, then you'll see its more than a 2:1 lead. dumb a$$e$.


they just dont get it man. why cant they see this is just for the North America? Actually I do have a question, is it jsut for USA or all of north amercia?
#25 (Edited 2992d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
waltercross  +   2991d ago
I've mostly noticed Blu-ray doing well...
Fact is fact, Not only numbers tell the story that Blu-ray is doing better then hddvd, but I've mostly seen Blu-ray ads, everything is Blue including the world!, PS3's might have helped the sales of Blu-ray movies, but even without the PS3's Blu-ray would still be winning.

Besides, MS should have FULLY supported the hddvd format by adding a hddvd player built into the XBOX360, Good move on Sony to FULLY support Blu-Ray, it only means profits for Sony in the Long run.

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