Official FraggedNation Sonic Generations Review (PS3)

After a 20 year roller coaster ride, Sonic is back.

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DBLDeathDealer2300d ago

This game was good when I was 12. I think I am a bit old to really even read this but I did. Nice write up, just to old to care about the game.

xxxAnubisxxx2300d ago

Come on!!! This is a CLASSIC! I bet when they come out with the next Mario game you won't be such a hater!

DBLDeathDealer2300d ago

Your right. Because at least each of the Mario games are worth playing. This game was dead after the first Sonic.

SoapShoes2300d ago

^Thought your first post was serious but your second one gave you away as an obvious troll.

PrisonedBeast2300d ago

Heard this is not as good as sonic colors but for $30 it is so hard to say no

DBLDeathDealer2300d ago

Estranged, I am serious. My son plays the series and loves it. So did I when I was younger. I just don't see this game making an impact anymore. It should have ended long ago. Just being honest here.