Kevin Butler Sings In Honor Of GraveyardBoots - "The Ballad of GraveyardBoots"

Kevin Butler sings in honor of the player GraveyardBoots for his Uncharted 3 accomplishments

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colonel1792417d ago

As much as I like Kevin Butler, I think this Hall of Play videos are a waste of money. They should spend that money (even if it's not much) into making better commercials for games.

WhiteLightning2417d ago

They did....Kevin Butler never did an advert for Uncharted 3...the launch trailers were amazing and all they showed off was gameplay.

r212417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

as cool as these vids are to gamers and such, i want to see a kevin butler commercial promoting Uncharted 3.

oh just watched the vid, its a nice promo but a full on focus on uncharted 3 KB commecial would be better :D

Cenobia2417d ago

"And I forgot to press the tape recorder"

That was hilarious.

ginsunuva2417d ago

Compared to MS commercials: Get modern warfaerz tree the best game evar made ONLY on the exbaux tree sixty.