EDGE Give 8/10 To Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Does Uncharted shake off the 'Bloke Raider' tag and deliver on its billing as one of the PlayStation 3's big hopes for the holiday season?.

If you expect Uncharted: Drake's Fortune to begin with a cutscene, you'd be right. If you expect to negotiate beautiful environments and fight mercenaries, shoot explosive barrels and scale ruins, you'd be right. In fact, you'd be right with almost any informed prediction about Uncharted's content. But the fact that you're right doesn't begin to explain why, despite everything about it being a little predictable, Uncharted manages to get it right.

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the worst3888d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

EDGE slams Eye of Judgement
EDGE gave Heavenly Sword 6/10
Super Mario Galaxy - 10 please this is a 10
if the game comes out 5 years ago
so i dont what yall think

(reply)mass effect score is right
are they letting there sons review these game
because something needs 2 be fix

krackchap3888d ago

give EDGE a break they also gave mass effect a 7 in the same issue

DaEnforcer3888d ago

Yep, the scores the italian midget in a red suit got are pretty ridiculous.

Multigamer3888d ago

maybe its not what its craked out to be, a gloryfied tomb raider

BigPappaPump3887d ago

You should try the game before making such comment. This is the best PS3 game up to date IMHO. Believe me, it's light years ahead of Tomb Raider.

AddisonW3888d ago

This is from the same people who earlier this year came right out and admitted they score PS3 games on a separate harsher scale.

Sorry clowns, no one gives a crap about a bunch of little punks playing platform agenda games with game scores.

paul_war3887d ago

Good score from EDGE, I think they gave Gears a 8. I do think they have a slight nintendo bias though, looking at their past reviews.

Keowrath3887d ago

Ahhhh, someone who knows!... Edge has been Nintendo biased since N64 days, maybe even longer.

But 8/10 from edge for a Playstation game is a great score. Can't wait till this finally gets released in the UK. I was thinking of importing but that leads to a ton of problems if there's ever any chargeable DLC released. =/

The Wood3887d ago

The dlc was something I hadn't thought of tba. I suppose by the time that happens I may of already traded this game in or moved it on to mate
who doesn't care too much for the game other than to play it through. Id probably buy it again WHEN the dlc was on psn europe (would probably take an age)

Keowrath3887d ago

Cheers for the response TheWood, I'm tempted to go for the import. I bought the Chinese version of Ninja Gaiden Sigma and had all kinds of fun trying to be able to purchase the DLC. Eventually I found a guy on Ebay that sold the Japanese PSN cards and the Sigma DLC was compatible with the Chinese version.

Both Uncharted and UTIII have me interested in importing but the whole DLC malarky is niggling at me... Guess I need to find someone who does the US PSN cards...

The Wood3887d ago

Very pleased with the story. Took me away. The music was excellent. The sound was excellent. The pistol's were my preferred default weapon because they always felt more accurate. I was making f*ckers backflip with the desert eee. Didn't like the trajectory method with the grenade other than that it was my personal GOTY. Get It Now

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The story is too old to be commented.