Gamers XTREME - Motionsports Adrenaline Review (PS3/360): More like Motion Sickness

Gamers Xtreme: "Motionsports Adrenaline is an incredibly underwhelming game. The premise is there but the execution is poor. The game is riddled with framerate issues and sound bugs that are hard to ignore. When the game is retailing for $50, you would hope for at least a decent, fun title. Unfortunately, this is a game that feels more like an early downloadable title that could’ve been released for $10 at the most…and even then it’s a hard sell. If you’re looking for a new PS Move game, steer clear away from this. If you’re looking for a fun party game with friends, I still wouldn’t advise this as a reason to purchase it. This game is a rental at best and even then you can see everything the game has to offer within a day."

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