Fans want to kill children in Skyrim, mods will grant their wish

Product-Reviews writes: As most of you are already aware, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim will introduce children NPCs to the game but your character will not be able to harm them in any way, just like Fallout. However, it looks like fans are taking that as a challenge as one video we’ve seen shows what happens when a player and a annoying Skyrim NPC child come to meet for the very first time.

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tr00p3r2389d ago

Who WOULDN'T have taken that kid out in that situation right there. May have to install a mod just to deal with him and then uninstall it afterwards.

jeeves862389d ago

....? That's not even remotely agitating. lol

rdgneoz32389d ago

Telling someone they're here to lick their father's boots isn't agitating? I may not kill him, but I'd beat him close to death so he learns his lesson.

Motorola2389d ago

I wanted to kill that Little Lamplight mayor kid so bad in Fallout 3. I downloaded a mod just to do so.

theonlylolking2389d ago

I couldnt do that on the xbox 360 version =(

KwietStorm2389d ago Show

Please tell me this video is running on another setting then ultra because if it is, it looks exactly the same as Oblivion which means I've already played the game 4 years ago and I was expecting something new.

JsonHenry2389d ago

^^ The gfx don't look any better to me than Oblivion from the PC screens I have looked at. Sure the character models' faces look better but Oblivion could have done that if a better artist did it. And the animations look like they have not improved either.

Oh well, I am still gonna get it. I loved Oblivion and if Skyrim turns out to be nothing more than a really big Oblivion expansion I would be happy with that.

SignifiedSix2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Lol, if you guys were smart, you'd know that this is oblivion and not Skyrim...

Okay, maybe I'm wrong lol. If it is Skyrim, it looks like a modded oblivion lmao. Oh well, the game will still be good.

JsonHenry2389d ago

The video is clearly labeled Skyrim. But it can't be high quality settings because even the console videos look better than what we see in that video.

WhiteLightning2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Should of been allowed from the's a video game

Theres films out there showing brutal stuff about children why can't games do that. It's still a type of media.

KwietStorm2389d ago

So do you think it's cool to have kids involved in those situations in movies?

WhiteLightning2389d ago

No....don't twist my words

What I'm say is, if worse stuff is seen in films we go and watch at the cinema in our everyday lifes....and no one complains then why can't video games do it without causing a massive controversy.

Child actors have to act that sutff out while children in video games aren't even real, there just digital creations done of advanced software

Dac2u2389d ago

You're right, some movies do show worse stuff, but people DO complain, a lot. Remember Hostel? There were plenty of discussions in the media about how unnecessarily graphic it was.

What I don't get is why you people can't let a developer make their own decisions about their own product. If they want to avoid controversy or just flat out think it's wrong to let players kill children in their games, why is that such a big deal?

Not being able to attack children shouldn't effect your gameplay whatsoever, if it does you need some counseling.

blumatt2389d ago

I think it's quite sickening that people would want to see an innocent child being hurt or harmed in any way, mentally or physically, in either a movie or in a video game. It's very sickening.

OcularVision2389d ago

I've never watched a movie with a kid being cut in half by an axe or something.

Chnswdchldrn2389d ago

Oh there are plenty of B-Movie gore films where kids be gettin skewered with pitch forks and gettin their face shotted and gettin sawed in half

Oh and have you seen AVP requiem? I was kinda shocked when that little kid got ated by the face hugger

specialguest2389d ago

(Sorry, I hate Ebaumsworld site, but this is the only source I have)

Sarcasmology2389d ago

I'd put my sword in a vice grip, pick up the kid by his feet, spin around and circles, moving closer to the sword until he's decapitated. I would pay for this awesomeness.

And no...don't even try to equate wants in a videogame to desires in reality. Unless you want to change the subject to your retardation.

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