3D Graphics Performance in Crysis

ExtremeTech writes:

"At its highest quality settings, Crysis is able to push modern hardware so hard that almost nothing short of an overclocked dual-graphics system can run the game at its maximum settings without turning into a slideshow.

Crysis has a pair of built-in benchmarks - here we will show you how we run the GPU benchmark to test graphics cards, and give you the disappointing outlook of how well modern cards run the game."

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DaEnforcer3956d ago

Are they dumb or something? Where are the top notch cards GF8800GTX and GF8800Ultra? No wonder they get such results if they don't test it on high end but on mid end cards.

mighty_douche3956d ago

and all set at Very High, 1650x1080, 2xAA and i got average of about 8fps.... crysis is a stupid game, its simply to demanding, im sure to this day it could be more optimized, personally i think crysis is about selling hardware (GPU's CPU's RAM) more than copies of the game.

OmegaKulu3956d ago

doesn't matter, unless you got a graphical specialized PC(those used by devs) that stupid CryEngine will still run below 25 fps at max setting, even with 8800Ultra SLI setup.

wasted3956d ago

an 8800gtx and 4gb ram on a quad core and on xp 64 bit all on high i can get a solid 40fps at 1280x1024 and 4aa. well pleased runs smooth enough.

killer_trap3955d ago

can i borrow that for a couple of.......................years


jorellpogi3956d ago

I really like this game but I can't afford to upgrade my rig. PC gaming in general is more expensive than consoles. Owners tend to upgrade every year. Crysis is designed to run smoothly based on the standard pc pheriperals on year 2010 :)

gw4k3955d ago

I purchased Crysis not long ago and you know what, pretty awesome game. I like it. The graphics are pretty darn good too. But, the think is, they are not as impressive as the tech specs!!!

This game can certainly be done on a console, just needs some tweaking.

I have a nice system, quadcore,
SLI 8800GTS 640ms
and so on and the game really does play like crap under vista.

All you gamers here know that vista is not for gaming!

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