MSN: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

The latest instalment in Activision's mega-selling shooter series has had a difficult gestation. Jason West and Vince Zampella – the fathers of the Modern Warfare franchise – were fired early on in the development cycle for breach of contract. Other members of the Infinity Ward team subsequently resigned, and lawsuits were flung around like flashbangs.

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OcularVision2266d ago

They're reviewing the game like as though they've never played a CoD game before. Yes, they mention the previous games, but it seems like they never actually played those.

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BeAGamer2266d ago

finger-eater is also a booger-eater

Scary692265d ago

Honestly this game should be 6/10 all they did was add a few buildings to some of the older maps and added a few new maps. The LAG is insane and the server lost connection is ridiculous.

Avernus2266d ago

Somehow I'm not surprised. Wait till IGN or Gamespot review it. 9.5-10. They will NEVER give a COD game a bad review score. Know why? They pay to advertise allot! It's guaranteed money every year.

In reality this game should receive no more than 8/10. MW3 added NOTHING to the series, and actually it feels watered down, and feels so familiar that it feels outdated and after a few hours of playing, it's boring. I've been playing this game for the past 2 years, and I'm feeling ripped off I payed for this experience. Before you say I'm a COD hater, know that I've played and owned EVERY COD since CoD 2.

HeavenlySnipes2266d ago

The advertising 'paid off' theory is sketchy. Gamespot and IGN are the biggest reviewers out there, if you want your game advertised you go there. Its ont like Activsion said if you don't give us a 9/10 we won't offer you money to put our ads up. They get tons of publishers lining up to get their ads up in front of gamers.

Is it not possible for the game o be good? Why is it that people on this site have such a strong desire to hate on COD and put it down.

I also disagree on your statement on no additions. Even without googling anything, I knwo they added new modes, more spec ops, more killstreaks, different killstreak system (pointstreak thing?), different maps, more customization of weapons, and a new campaign.

Isn't that enough for a sequel? What else do you suppose they do? Copy Battlefield and make a new engine with destructibility? The COD trolling on this site is so dumb, especially since its actually baseless

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FunAndGun2266d ago

"I also disagree on your statement on no additions. Even without googling anything, I knwo they added new modes, more spec ops, more killstreaks, different killstreak system (pointstreak thing?), different maps, more customization of weapons, and a new campaign."

Sounds like DLC for all the previous games.

PIayStation2266d ago

But we've seen those same killstreaks, and we've played all those modes before, and the maps can't possibly get much different since we've pretty much terrorized the entire world in the past four games. So tell me how this sequel should be considered greater than the games before it, why should I buy the MW3 when I could get the same experience from MW2. We've seen those same textures, we've heard those same sounds, we've ran the same routes and killed the same people, there is nothing new or refreshing about this game

And if you think I'm just trolling than you are probably one of those weird brainwashed people who believe different opinion is declared bullying.

Jobesy2266d ago

Stop trolling Avernus. You've already made comments saying you won't play "MW2.5" , you've reached level 45 in BF3, and now you say you've reached level 80 in MW3. So either you're a troll, a bad liar or hypocrite. Which is it?

You've been trolling MW3 for way too long, don't you think you should take a break? Seriously BF3 is out, go play it and leave MW3 alone.

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AntiTroll2266d ago

IGN gave Black Ops an 8.5.

cpayne932266d ago

Yeah people tend to ignore that for some reason. I don't believe in the ign conspiracy theory, one editor on ign said if he'd reviewed mw2 he would have given it an 8.5.

Avernus2266d ago

And Black Ops deserved 8.5 right? lol In reality that game was more of a 7.5. Bad hit detection, screen tearing, horrible sounding gun, lame cartoony graphics. Saving grace was zombies.

IGN rates allot of games 8.5. If they don't want to give it a bad score and if the game is not that good.

ambientFLIER2266d ago

Screen tearing on Black Ops??? Where??

STK0262266d ago

But, aren't EA also advertising on both Gamespot and IGN (and other gaming websites)? Or any other major publisher for that matter?

And last time I checked, the only time we heard about a publisher using advertising as leverage, it was Eidos, not Activision.

I'm not saying advertising is not taken in account when some reviewers do their job, but there's no need to single out Call of Duty. Madden, Battlefield, GTA, SDvsRAW, FIFA, Mario games, etc, all receive a strong marketing push on these websites.

iamnsuperman2265d ago

Agree. Its quite a lame excuse for a review not going their way. Come on Big games like COD, BF3, GTA do not pay for their reviews. They are massive and so appear on every gaming website because they are big games not because they pay for the review

-Alpha2266d ago

Black Ops got an 8.5 and Activision isn't the only one advertising on these websites.

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TooTall192266d ago

"This looks, sounds and feels exactly as you'd expect a Modern Warfare title to look, sound and feel – albeit one with a few extra chromosomes from the Treyarch side of the family."

LOL, if they are not familiar with genetics they shouldn't try to use it in their review. Extra chromosomes can lead to death, or down-syndrome. I think they could have worded it a little better...

DeadManMcCarthy2266d ago

They described it perfectly this game is pure down syndrome and the franchise should die.

gamernova2266d ago

I think they meant it in terms of replacement. Not actually extra chromosomes. Although that idea is hilarious lol

MoXxXi2266d ago

I laughed extremely hard after reading this. Thanks

frostyhat1232266d ago

Early reviews looking good!

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