GTA V Rumors False, Not Four Times Bigger Than GTA IV

Gaming Blend "If that long list of rumored features for GTA V seemed too good to be true, it's because they were. New information has surfaced debunking those rumors, some of which seemed too grandiose for current-gen consoles anyway."

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StarWolf2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

what a boss . straight up killed the hype with 5 little words huauhahauahuhau

I remember i got disagreed when i said it would be a stuttery frame rate mess with all that content.

xdye0172417d ago

has he seen just cause 2's map?

Plagasx2415d ago

Just Cause 2's map is huge but it's nowhere near as detailed as a GTA game...

T3MPL3TON 2417d ago

I only ever heard 2x. Not 4. Somebody jumped the gun and thinks they squashed a "rumor."

People keep jock riding, GTA Forums and their supposed, ties to Rockstar. It's funny how they constantly get things wrong or claim things that are outright lies as truth.

americanGTA2417d ago

you know what the problem is..... I may be wrong here but....

I remeber when gta4 came out everyone was bitching about how big / long the install was, its a shame IMO.... I think rockstar is gonna take this into account when they make gta5.

who cares if its on 2 disks (ex: one disk to install a huge map) the other disk for used while playing the game. most likely this isnt gonna happen

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