New Download Channel Available in Japan

Gamers from the land of the rising sun rejoice, as Nintendo of Japan has suddenly released the download channel on Wii. The channel allows gamers to download trailers of upcoming (and already released) titles for Wii and to download demo's of Nintendo DS games straight to their Nintendo DS.

The exact releasedate of the channel for other regions remains unknown for the moment.

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M_Prime3889d ago

i wish this would come to North America soon. If this is true then this was not advertised enough, but i guess Nintendo likes to surprise us and its a good sign if this is true because we were all pretty much expecting this to happen. Good job NINTENDO, just get it to the hands of all of us please.

also i hope they make the other markets more aware of this cause if they don't a lot of what i consider casual gamers will prolly not know about it and miss out, but i mean if they have WIICONNECT24 on then they will prolly be informed by the nice blue glow :-)

ItsDubC3889d ago

This is a great way to advertise games to the masses in the comfort of their own homes. The Metroid Prime 3 preview channel was nice but it would be cumbersome to do that for every single upcoming or current game being advertised. As for the Wii being a DS download station... awesome.

Odiah3889d ago

F&%k Japan <love> I want it now :(

ShadoWulf3889d ago

now please! My DS is lonely and underplayed.