Bit-Tech: Mass Effect 3 Preview

Bit-Tech: Bioware has been quick to allay the concerns that Mass Effect 3 is abandoning its RPG roots, claiming that Shepherd now has an extra six skills at his disposal, each of which will branch into subsets just as classes did in previous games. We didn't get a detailed look at how these skills break down, but our overall impression was that Mass Effect 3 was more defined by the new cover system, rather than elaborate statistics.

At the same time, however, that isn't necessarily bad. While we can't deny that we walked away from Mass Effect 3 a little disappointed that there wasn't anything startlingly new on show, we also have to admit that we enjoyed playing it immensely. Mass Effect 3 may continue the series' trend of sliding more towards the action end of the action-RPG genre, but it's also still a Mass Effect game.

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SageHonor2594d ago

Im gonna keep posting this...

~ Level Cap is 60 instead of 30
~ Weapon Customization
~ Armor Customization
~ Twice as much dialogue at the previous games
~ XP system is more like the first
~ More Squad Banter
~ More looting
~ More things to buy from stores

These are all CONFIRMED... I think Bioware has the RPG elements covered

002594d ago

there is really no need for previews, I'll say ME3 may be one of the best games every or completely absurd.