Mass Effect 3 ending spoiled

PCA: The entire game script to Bioware's hotly anticipated RPG Mass Effect 3 had been leaked online.

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The_Infected1999d ago

Wow just plain sad it got out!

crxss1998d ago

it's tempting but I can wait 4 months.

teething1998d ago

Don't read it then.

P.s. I have not read the script but I can assure you that you can either fail to save the galaxy and the reapers enslave everyone, you can save the galaxy but have the galaxy mostly ruined in the process, or you can save the galaxy with some damage, and everyone comes together in the name of love and peace. In the end Shep dies in a heroic sacrifice in any of the above options.

I did not read the script, but this is the third game, and the story is generic enough to write itself.

NYC_Gamer1999d ago

it's only ruined for those who read it

rabidpancakeburglar1999d ago

Exactly, I'm sure as hell not gonna read it.

grumpysmurf1999d ago

Doesn't it have multiple story arcs? I wonder if the doc included all the possible endings, or just one.

Redempteur1999d ago

NO & NO to both questions

Kingdom Come1998d ago

The game DOES have multiple endings, hence why the Co-Op Multiplayer missions where advertised as giving players the potential of achieving a better ending easier...

Pen Pooh1999d ago

I'll never understand people who look at spoilers. I once lent a graphic novel to a friend and watched as she proceeded to flip to the last few pages. When I asked what she was doing, she said she wanted to see how it ended before she started. Seriously, WTF? lol

shikamaroooo1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

Grrrrr I hope the picture of cerberus near the blue planet isn't a hint I would rage if it is

Charmers1999d ago

The blue planet isn't a planet it is a Sun and the shot appears at the end of Mass Effect 2 (if you play the game a certain way). So no it isn't a spoiler to Mass Effect 3.

shikamaroooo1999d ago

Thanks you ! because i only remeber it being red through out my campaign bubs for your help

fatalred alarm1998d ago

It's red when you play renegate. blue when your paragon. and a mix of the 2 if you did both.

It'' s pretty sweet.

crxss1998d ago

it's blue when you get the bad ending (shepherd dying) in mass effect 2 I'm pretty sure

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The story is too old to be commented.