Lens of Truth Head2Head: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Screenshot Comparison

Lens of Truth writes: "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This week we wage war on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360! Now we've seen CoD Head2Heads before -- the question is -- can Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software deliver platform parity this time around? Jump inside for an early look."

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Iceballs2360d ago

Holy ice balls! That looks awful man!

Ares84HU2360d ago

The PS3 version does.

CoD always looked worst on PS3 for some reason. But they still didn't figure out how to make them look equal after all these years. It's like they are making CoD on the PS3 for the first time.

I'm a PS3 gamer myself but in this case PS3 is the clear looser. Terrible lighting and those jaggies are painful.

guitarded772360d ago

Have to admit the jaggies on the power lines are horrendous... and they are shot at the same angle. I pre-ordered on PS3 because I have more friends there, but I knew the XBOX would look better... still looks pretty bad on both though.

darthv722360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

I dont think the main focus of the game is how well the power lines look. In fact, it isnt about the graphics its about the run and gun and trying not to get killed.

So if you have time to stop and smell the roses and look for jaggies then you will be an easy target to level up on.

Good for you guitarded. You at least can admit you got the game for the platform you have more friends on. If it were only so simple for others to make the same decisions.

@ares. that wasnt directed at you specifically. It is more of a general statement. There are those players that will literally stop in the middle of a game just to look around at stuff.

Pixel_Enemy2360d ago

What do you expect, the engine is at least 4-5 years old and showing it's age. Year after year the game adds new maps, perks, features and game types onto what is essentially still COD4.

Ares84HU2360d ago


First off, this article IS about the graphics and not the gameplay. I'm sure it's the same exact game and can be enjoyed the same exact way but we aren't talking about that.

Did I ever say that all I care about is graphics??? No, I did not. So how did you came up with the idea that I stop in an online match to look around and admire the graphics is beyond me.

But, we don't have to worry about that because I won't be getting it. When Activision decides to actually make a proper new CoD game that doesn't look and play exactly like CoD4 than I might be thinking about getting a new CoD game. enough is enough. I'm tired for paying for the same game year after year with none to minor improvements.

deadpoole2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

They didn't even bother ... and I mean to say didn't even bother at all with PS3 Version ...

And I mean to say Developers ... for the love of God .. u didnt even manage to port the game for PS3 and simply made it Wii version.

A-Glorious-Dawn2359d ago

what saddens me is that this shoddy port, and game will be one of the best sellers on PS3..

To be fair (and I'll wait for DF before I judge)
if this port is as shoddy as those screens make it seem, then I fear to admit that Treyarch actually did a better Job with their shoddy port..

Infinity ward made the game equal on both platforms and as much as people hate on MW2. I had huge respect for what they did with it..

Since MW2, CoD has been and insult to gamers...

buddymagoo2359d ago

It's the community and gameplay that sells this game and not the graphics. Knowing there will always be a large amount of players playing online makes you feel comfortable in the purchase. It may not have a graphics increase but neither do games like Fifa, Madden and even Mario but they sell well because of the community and the gameplay. People should know this by now.

Ares84HU2359d ago


I think Paper Mario is very different from Mario Galaxy, don't you think so???

As for FIFA, I only buy a FIFA game every 5 years because by than there are noticeable differences. But CoD have not changed AT ALL since CoD4. Maybe different modes or "new guns" and new maps but it's the same exact thing over and over again. I agree with the saying which is "what's not broken don't fix it" but also "What's become stale and boring needs a breath of fresh air".

Next time I buy a CoD game will be when there is a brand new engine a tons of change. while still keeping the CoD spirit.

At this point, they could make whatever and slap the CoD name on it and it would sell close to 10million on it's first week of release. So why don't they try???? I tell you why, because it costs more money to make something new instead of using the same exact thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.

You want to be confident that people play online and the community is good?? There are other, better alternatives out there like BF3.

megacowdung2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

They have been making games on 360 and PS3 forever. There is absolutely no way the ps3 version can look that bad. I'm 110% sure they made ps3 version look worse on purpose. If you look at the tech specs, ps3 is more powerful than 360 but it has a different "BIOS" if you want to compare it to computers (I think BIOS is the wrong term but i hope you understand what i'm saying, basically they script for writing the games is different on ps3 than 360).

MaxXAttaxX2359d ago

PS3 has poor anti-aliasing.

They both look shit.

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JsonHenry2360d ago

Wow. Did they even try with the PS3 version? I mean WOW it looks bad. And we all know that the PS3 can do much better than that.

Kur02360d ago

I'm not one for conspiracy theories but it honestly seems like Microsoft is actually paying money to Activision to make the PS3 version look worse because MW3 doesn't even look that impressive in the first place so it shouldn't have these kind of problems on the PS3 this late in the generation.

Gamer-Z2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

The game looks last gen plane and simple but since its COD it will get a pass like always.

Persistantthug2359d ago

Microsoft pays Activision extra for Call Of Duty games, and the final product always shows this.

It's complete bullsh17 and PS3 peeps need to stop buying this nonsense every freakin year just to get sh177ted on with this lazy ass port.

It's a damn shame is what it is.

*goes back to playing BF3*

SSultan2359d ago

One of the reasons I own a 360 now so late in its life cycle is due to the frustration that comes with multiplats and the PS3. I hope you're playing BF3 on PC though... Any other way and you are gimping the real, true experience.

zeddy2359d ago

well thats unanimous. i was looking forward to playing sp later but i shant bother now.

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DonaldBeck2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

ps3 version has WAY BETTER LIGHTING.
360 version has less jaggies. i give it a tie.

look at the first pic, i can see the ps3 version has more detail on the guys face, i can see it clearer.

on the same pic, the 360 version has way less jaggies though.

WetN00dle692360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

To be honest, i cant see any shadows whatsoever on the Ps3 side of things.

capcock2360d ago

"Ps3 version has way better lightning"

are u blind? 360 has bloom and tbh everything looked better on 360, textures looked higher res, less jaggies etc. and I'm pretty sure that it will perferm better also.

DonaldBeck2360d ago

wow, calling me a retard is pretty harse and disrespectful huh? reported for personal attack.

Tonester9252360d ago

Bloom? They put the sun... in a lamp! lol I never seen a lamp shine so bright lol They should've done without it to be honest

AntBoogy902359d ago


Where do you see the word "retard"? :|

Venjense2359d ago

While I think 360 looks better, it's lighting is pretty bad.

Excessive bloom + Crushed blacks= No detail

It's like the 360 is stuck on super-high dynamic contrast which is a very bad thing if you looking for a quality visual image.

It gives it more pop but you can't see any details, it's like a TV at Best Buy's store version settings agains a calibrated.

Biggest2359d ago

"AntBoogy90 + 5h ago @DonaldBeck

Where do you see the word "retard"? :|"

I'm not sure if you noticed, but you replied to a comment 12 hours old. That 12 hour old comment was a reply to a 15 hour old comment that was edited.

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SJPFTW2360d ago ShowReplies(1)
BattleTorn2360d ago

well the LOT poll disagrees with you.

DonaldBeck2360d ago

let them, i dont give a shit

Ares84HU2360d ago

Actually, the 360 version has way better lighting. The 360 version has way better everything.

The PS3 version looks like that there is a constant fog. Looks washed out. Shame that after all these years they can't make the two versions look equal.

_Aarix_2359d ago

Haha oh beck, you troll. In a few days youll only have one bubble.

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Lior2360d ago

This game is a piece of shi* please nobody buy this game they had 2 years to make this game and for what some new maps and killstteaks

AdmiralSnake2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

Have you played this ? If not keep your mouth shut, if so please respond to me as to how it's a piece of shit, since you obviously must have played it long enough to give such an opinion, oh and don't be sarcastic and refer to the previous COD games, just tell me it solely on MW3.

What ? You've all played the same games/series over and over again, so why when it comes to COD you all wanna talk bullshit ?

No thank you, I'm happily giving them my money and I don't give a damn what you so called "N4G gamers" wanna say, have fun complaining about how it's the same game over and over, while I have fun playing the actual game =D.

Uncharted 1,2,3
Gears 1,2,3
Assassin creed how many of them ?
God of war 1,2,3
Final fantasy 1-13
Metal Gear how many ?

Exactly tons of games keep almost the same gameplay mechanics with a few tweaks here and there, but almost all the same, so why are you all bashing COD ?

Is it Activision being greedy ? WTF it's 2011 95% of this world is built on gree, give me a break LMFAO.

SonnyD2360d ago

It's MW! We have played the same game over and over and over again. Do you wanna bet right here that it's the same game? Come on, man. Put your money where mouth is Snake. Right here, it will be the same game as the previous CODs.

Lior2360d ago

WOWOW COD FANBOY hidding behind his keyboard talking sh*t. I don't need to play a game which has exactly the SAME engine as call of duty 2 and that is true look it up. The gameplay, graphics and the foundation of the game has not changed. This is not a new game battlefield 3 from 2 is a new game look at the new engine and gameplay. Uncharted series and gears have had updated graphics and animations with new gameplay aspects and please don't say god of war again of how it's not different have you seen god of war 3 compared to 2 u idiot and don't make me laugh about metal gear solid it doesn't matter how many there have been in the series it matters how much they improve it and impress people that's why uncharted 2 got game of the year and uncharted 3 will be game of the year as well.

Mw3 is not a new game it has the SAME graphics the SAME gameplay and what tweaks some new running animations I can't believe you people are letting activision con you like this

darthv722360d ago

there are millions that do. Its like the madden thing. Madden has evolved over the years but it is still football. We know how its played and does that really stop people from buying the next season?

Here is the key. Take any game series you like and look at it as a whole. You may notice it hasnt changed all that much other than another release. Story may evolve and new things here and there but in the end it is still just an extension from the previous game.

The ones crying foul are the ones with no interest in the first place. The coin has another side as well. Those who cry foul on a series you like will get treated to the hypocrisy that is being a gamer. You will defend your series because it is something you like and it wont matter if the changes are subtle or really apparent.

This is generally speaking of course.

Solidus187-SCMilk2360d ago

lol, so basically these guys are butthurt and against COD because the PS3 version always comes out the worst.

hahaha. Sure guy. You hate cod sooo much that you had to go into a comparison about it to see if the ps3 version didnt suck this time. but since it sucked again you talk about how much COD sucks.

I know that if the ps3 version of COD was better every year then there wouldnt even be half the amount of COD haters on this site.

Get over it COD haters, your [email protected] just looked at a comparison for a game you hate supposedly. hating the game didnt stop you from being butthurt about it tho, thats weird. What could possibly do that....Ohh being a console fanboy maybe?

ambientFLIER2360d ago

"I don't need to play a game which has exactly the SAME engine as call of duty 2 and that is true look it up."

Really? Several generations of revisions and it's exactly the same still? Interesting... Why don't you go pop COD2 in your xbox and play it side by side with MW3 and stfu please...

KingPin2359d ago

with all the examples you just many of those games comes out with a sequel every year?

its the same game since COD4. only a fool would think differently.

they havent even added anything new with respect to the mechanics of the game. if gamers wanted quantity of games, its not that hard. devz can shit games out in their sleep. but we as gamers, paying $60 a game want quality. a fresh gaming experience.

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news4geeks2360d ago

I'm gonna buy it, just to see the look on your face :)

AdmiralSnake2360d ago

I'm a call of duty fanboy because I asked a couple of questions ?

You can say it sucks, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however your reasons are quite stupid.

Also most Gameplay elements almost stay the same with a few tweaks here and there, like God of war, Uncharted and Gears.

I do agree that the graphics should improve, but it seems like most COD fans desire fast gameplay than better graphics.

Be real with yourself, just like how you people sit here and say the media is bias with COD, you all do the same by being bias with it, and automatically flaming every COD article with negative comments.

I'm done just hit disagree do w/e you people do on this site lol.

AntBoogy902359d ago

COD isn't a bad game.. it's just technically bad.

If you have a 4-5 year old engine, and you create another iteration of a game.. you would think you'd be able to smooth out bugs and such very quickly. The fact that Black Ops had utterly terrible lag and framerate issues on the PS3 version is no excuse.. you're expecting a quality product, after all, when you buy it. I mean, MW2 ran very well on the PS3.. practically 60fps all around, i could care less about the graphics tbh.

That's the reason why people are mad.. i personally am getting this game.. but if this is another terrible port for PS3 like Black Ops.. i'm not forking over my money to Activision ever again. I'd have no problem giving them my money if i didn't encounter these horrific issues on their PS3 versions.. i'm not going to go out and buy myself a 360 just to play the "better version" of COD.. it should be equal across all platforms.. bad developers smh.

hennessey862360d ago

To me COD is all about the smooth 60fps game play not graphics so im more than happy

Lior2360d ago ShowReplies(1)
SJPFTW2360d ago

people like you are ruining the industry. I didnt get that much jaggies on the PS2 lawl

C_Menz2360d ago

So if they released CoD with ps1 graphics but it ran at 60fps you would be happy?

AmaZinG2360d ago

Ps3 and 360 pshhhh Wii owns