Which Retailer Benefits Gamers The Most? (Part 5: The Winner Is Revealed)

Trendy Gamers: Throughout the week, we have been writing articles about which videogame retailer benefits us gamers the most. For anyone who read the previous posts, the winner should be no surprise. Read on to find out who finished in what place and why.

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xer02268d ago

I love Amazon so much that I'm a registered Prime user.

ABizzel12268d ago

Yes K-Mart is better than all, and best of all their employees don't generally know much so you can get away with all kinds of deals. -_-

acronkyoung2268d ago

I'm not a fan of Best Buys' selection, mostly because I usually wait awhile to buy games.

ChronosRaikou2268d ago

Yeah K-Mart should be on #1.

Dorwrath2268d ago

For me it's Amazon.

I either get $20 credit towards the next game or $10 off the price and $10 credit towards my next game. Rather that than pointless MP skins.

Sadly my nearest Kmart is like 2 hour drive away.

Goozex2268d ago

Kmart does have some sweet deals on new releases.

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