The Parent Gamer- Scary Babies

Last week they shared a positive experience gaming with his son. This week he's going to the other end of the spectrum. This is a story that makes him feel like “one of those parents”. You know the type, the kind that lets their seven year old play GTA and God of War. Now what he did wasn’t that bad, but within that same vein. Anyways, on with the story. Sitting in his “man corner” He was enjoying a game of The Binding of Isaac. For those not familiar with that title, it was created by the same guy that did Super Meat Boy. It’s a fun, yet disturbing game. There he was navigating dungeons and killing monsters with his tears when his two year old son comes running up, wondering what he was doing. He should have turned the game off and spent time with him, but instead said ” Come here buddy,” and placed him on his lap.

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