RUMOR: Next Xbox Will Be Smaller, Cheaper, and Based On Windows 9 And ARM

The latest rumor says the next version of the Xbox will be smaller and cheaper than the current version, and will be based on the Windows 9 core software and ARM processors.

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fluffydelusions2566d ago

Er doubt it...cheaper perhaps but based on

Septic2566d ago

This is Microsoft so I wouldn't be surprised if the 720 is powered by a fetus.

I have to admit, I'm completely in the dark as to what we can expect with the next-gen consoles. If its smaller and cheaper, that's good but I hope it isn't louder otherwise I'll need Turtlebeaches over my Turtlebeaches to drown out the sound.

Its about time we got a really cool looking console that match the concept images= imagine a sphere, with liquid cooling....mmmmm.

3GenGames2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

He's right. Abandoning Intel or AMD x64 would probably be REALLY bad. One great thing about it is it is SO much like the PC that it lures many developers and is easy to get in to and use. Which if you change it to ARM, which isn't popular or a better microprocessor, you forgo lots of things. The biggest would be Xbox 360 compatibility and the quantity of programmers for it.

I know Intel sucks, I wish it wasn't the processor chosen to lead us into the 21st century becausse it's such garbage, but I'd take AMD x64 and even Intel chips before the ARM stuff. At least x64's (REAL AMD x64 chips, not crap Intel x86-64!) they have better execution and a new and [drastically] better instruction set.

Bob5702566d ago

"This is Microsoft so I wouldn't be surprised if the 720 is powered by a fetus."

I don't think you realize that at the time of the 360's launch, a triple core processor with hyperthreading was pretty much insane. The Xbox Original was also the most powerful console on the market in it's time. It actually cost MS about $700 or $800 to make each 360 when they first came out, and they were selling them for $400.

kaveti66162566d ago

"I know Intel sucks, I wish it wasn't the processor chosen to lead us into the 21st century becausse it's such garbage...."

hahahaha, what?

Last gen Intel chips are bulldozing AMD's newly released Bulldozer chips.

3GenGames2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

^ Not really, Intels x86 instruction set was shtty the day it made it's release in 78. It's always been the worst. If we had computers built on the 68000 we'd be way farther ahead. You don't know much about microprocessors and how to program them I guess, oh well. Most here don't.

And AMD chips beat the snot out of Intel chips, you probably saw some bent stats from Intel about how good their chips aree when you really saw one instruction that is better than AMD run 1000000 times and then the difference. Intels can't be overclocked as much and are just garbage, sorry. i7 has NOTHING on an decent 6-core AMD chip, nowhere close.

cyguration2566d ago

I agree with the other posters...the CPU architecture for both Xbox and Xbox 360 were pretty tight. I doubt that would be one of the downfalls of the 720.

RAM and storage space are probably going to be the biggest issue.

arjman2566d ago Show
ABizzel12566d ago

Cheaper and smaller makes it sound like we're not getting a full upgrade and the 720 is going to be the Wii of next gen. Either that or they mean the 720 will cost less than the 360 did at its launch which is what I'm hoping, but that still doesn't sit well with me.

I'm hoping this is:

1) an xbox handheld

2) spec for a new Zune

3) an upgraded 360

I'll hold off my opinion until solid details come out, but I've believed for the longest that the Xbox 720 is only going to be a modest upgrade compared to what many of us expect. It's going to look better than Wii U, but is it going to blow it out the water or just be a noticeable difference.

This makes me wonder are we going to have the Wii U specs./graphics, 720 specs./graphics, and PS4 specs./graphics all on different scales, and how will that affect the next generation of consoles.

kaveti66162566d ago


If you're talking about it from a programmer's point of view, then fine. I don't know much about that.

But from a performance point of view, Intel has a major advantage over the AMD line.

The core i3/i5/i7 line of chips outdo the AMD Phenom X2 variants by a significant degree.

Anon19742566d ago


That's always concerned me, but hasn't surprised me. I pointed out before, when Shane Kim was heading up the Xbox, he had commented in the past that the next gen would most likely break from the traditional console mold and be more of a cheaper hub for digital distribution.

And seeing how well Nintendo did with a relatively underpowered Wii, I don't blame MS sitting up and taking notice, especially when you consider the boost they've seen from the casual market with Kinect.

Some people are clamoring for the next gen. Be careful what you wish for.

STONEY42565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Performance wise in real world applications, Intel outdoes AMD by far. It's not even an opinion. Just look at every Sandy Bridge benchmark compared to AMDs hex-cores. Even before Sandy Bridge, they've always come on top. I have no idea where you get the idea that Intel is garbage.

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shenglongg2566d ago

here we go again, another xbox 720 news

iamnsuperman2566d ago

Hope this part "It will be cheaper than the 360, further enabling Kinect adoption" isn't true. Being cheaper usually means sacrifices and the reason meaning kinect adoption sort of hints at the direction (i.e. the hardcore are more likely to spend more on new gaming tech). Lets just hope this is one of the many "inside" sources that turn out to be false.

Felinox2566d ago

Maybe cheaper at launch cause they waited so long between console cylcles that off the shelf parts are 10 times better.
I read they had to dumb down the combined cpu/gpu in the newer slims just to keep them compatible with older models.

Olvipoika2566d ago

just rumors, nothing solid ....

xboxing2566d ago

I dont reckon it will be cheaper... maybe smaller.... but not cheaper....

I am just waiting for the surprise i guess haha.....

BitbyDeath2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

I think both consoles will be cheaper than their previous launch counterparts.

I'm expecting the technology to be mainly upgraded versions of what we currently have which should mean reduced costs (less R&D) and backwards compatibility.

_Aarix_2566d ago

If a console next gen doesn't have backwards comparability then im not buying it. I bought a lot of dlc have a lot of ps3, 360 and regular Xbox games. (I have a lot of ps2 games but can't play them on a ps3). On top of my achievements and other things, it's a necessity.

kneon2566d ago

Well we should take inflation into account. Taking inflation since 2005 and assuming 3% annual inflation from now until 2015 we could pay $650 for a console in 2015 and it would be the same as paying $500 for a console in 2005.

cyguration2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Nah, price of tech has dropped tremendously.

This gen's consoles came out during a really volatile time in the hardware department which is why they were priced the way they were. CPU wise both 360 and PS3 are still pretty decent.

High-end PCs at present, though, could easily emulate PS3 and 360 games (lots of disagrees from PS3 fanboys, but whatever).

They could release a console next year at the $299 price-point using a mid-ranged Nvidia card and slightly better CPU structure (a few more ghz per core) with maybe 6GB-8GB of RAM and the consoles would be pretty decent.

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