First 14 Minutes of Mass Effect 3 Leaked

A leaked video showing the first 14 minutes of Mass Effect 3 is circulating. Some of the footage is choppy and the graphics aren’t all to release date sort of graphics, but we are still 4 + months away – please take that to heart. Other than that, enjoy!

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DarkBlood2568d ago

ugh must not watch the dark side is tempting i must resist

n... nn.. nnnnn.... noooooooooo

lifesanrpg2568d ago

A part of me didn't want to watch it, but another part is so glad that I did...I gave into temptation...

unknownhero11232568d ago

thre was more leaked than that. certaint plot points were inside the beta and believe me when i say there is going to be some P'Off people.

SageHonor2568d ago

I read it LOL. Those forums were ON FIRE!!

But anyway on the bright side some things to consider

~ Lots o Details are missing
~ Early Rough draft
~ Outdated and incomplete
~ Decisions play a role into certain variables

But im not gonna lie. I was pissed about some of the stuff I read regarding some of the decisions and my fav LI

tigertron2568d ago

I gave in and watched it. I stopped at 10:00 because it became spoilerific, and in any case, the video is from a really early build so you may aswell hold off until release.

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