Ninja Gaiden 2 First Look

While what we saw was still far from done, Ninja Gaiden II is looking like an impressive sequel to the Xbox game that should stand tall amid the Xbox 360's 2008 lineup. The game is fast, looks very sharp, and seems to be maintaining, even topping, the cool factor of its predecessor. The big question is how the gameplay and camera system will shape up. High-speed combat and in-game cameras tend to not get along well, but Team Ninja has a pretty good track record when it comes to making Ryu Hayabusa look his stabby best, so we're excited to see how the whole adventure comes together. Look for more on Ninja Gaiden II in the months to come. The game is slated to ship next year exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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Charlie26883765d ago

The game is looking FANTASTIC I am already drooling for it :P sadly i wanted to buy Ninja Gaiden Black for my 360 but apart from being BRUTALLY broke (4 360 and 2 pc new games does that kind of things) the prices for that games are just INSANE they start from around 60 bucks O.o

ygxbrayzie3765d ago

man i luv hack and slash game can't wait for this one,
this one is gonna rock for people who luv hack n slash just like me xD

FirstknighT3765d ago

Yes 2008 is looking damn good for us 360 owners. Ninga Gaiden 2 will be another fantastic action game.

Bring on tha NINJA!

Sez 3765d ago

i just waiting for the release date. so i can pick this up.

AddisonW3765d ago

Wow, it doesn't even look as good as NG Sigma and that was nothing more than just a uprezzed port.

They better get the PS3 version out long before the first God of War 3 shots and movies come out or they are going to get laughed at.

360 owners are used to crappy last gen looking graphics in games like Halo 3 and Forza 2, but PS3 owners will not tolerate mediocre graphics engines like what they have right now for NG2 on the 360.

After they spent the time building up their PS3 code base for their move into the Playstation market they need to step up their efforts and stop wasting time on the graphically weak 360 if they are going to hope to survive in the incredibly competitive PS3 fighting game market with God of War 3, Heavenly Sword, and DMC4.

P4KY B3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Do you drool on your keyboard when you type?
Or do the nice nurses wipe your chin for you?

7ero H3LL3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

crappy port

sloppy seconds

and to top it off ps3 games running and looking better on 360



TheMART3765d ago

I bet you came from the future with a time machine and the Playstation 9, because the PS3 sucks donkey balls compared to the 360 and it's games.

And we all know you want Ninja Gaiden 2 dude. Just admit it.

Elginer3765d ago

Heavenly Sword was a joke, a poor mans God of War. Maybe you should stop talking crap and instead go back to playing games instead of watching br movies. That's why developers are not giving love to the PS3, you bastages aren't buying games -- only movies.

SKullDugger3764d ago

PS3 owners won't put up with crappy graphics thats all U have had take a look @ Madden 08 or COD 4 get up close to something or look straight down at the ground on the PS3 U will see pixles on the 360 smooth as a babys butt. The 360 does great graphics!!!

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