Call of Duty Elite VS BattleLog

PushStartSelect: "We have Battlefield 3 finally out and about, and one of the many features it brought along was Battlelog. Battlelog is the community based extra feature to Battlefield 3 which allows you to track your stats among many other things entirely for free. However these things are common, a lot of video games offer similar services all the time that never get anyone to notice, but Elite has changed the game. Call of Duty Elite adds even more features, but also comes with a hefty price tag. So let’s dive into the details after we have had some hands on time with both and see how they compare. Please note (and I stress this the most) this is based on the early Beta of Call of Duty Elite, we have yet to try the final version and hopefully we will have an opportunity to at which we will keep going with the comparisons.

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JellyJelly2591d ago

Battlelog is awesome...and free.

gamingdroid2591d ago

So is Call of Duty Elite!

It's only the premium features that cost money....

farhad2k82591d ago

After trying them both out, Call of Duty ELITE Beta simply had MUCH more features. The stats were amazing, I could literally view EVERYTHING.

Battle log is really good as well, but it would be nicer if they had the occasional competitions like ELITE does, the competitions are so fun, and I was just playing for a lousy badge on the Black Ops ELITE Beta, but with MW3, I could actually be playing for real money, which is epic!

Also, HD theater mode is a nice add on, something that's lacking in BF3 as a whole.

TooTall192591d ago

It's nice to hear the opinion of someone else who has used both services. Elite breaks your individual stats down to the weapon, and can be useful in tracking your progress.

-Alpha2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

^ I agree, after seeing the detail put in Elite, it's clear that Activision didn't slouch on it.

Battlelog is free, and you get what you pay for. It's very basic, there are third party sites that offer more content than BLog does.

I'm not paying for Elite, but it's definitely something I can see as something hardcore COD players can invest and enjoy. The basic version seems to trump Battlelog as well.

I am also heavily disappointed in the lack of Battlerecorder as they could have gone far with that. It's pretty much a self promotional tool and it's crazy to see that they wouldn't include it for a game where there are just so many moments you want to capture. The features of Elite+ the enriched gameplay of Battlefield would have been an amazing combination

farhad2k82591d ago

I'm pretty sure the casual CoD players won't be interested in the payed ELITE service, but the more hardcore players will see it as a bargain.

I, my self know the benefits, so I will be purchasing ELITE, as I end up buying all the map packs anyway.

Plus, I really want the extra HD theater mode slots, as I don't have a HD PVR but still want to upload some content to my YouTube channel.

And @Echo307 bellow:
..Well said.

Alot of people have to understand that 99% of ELITE is free. You're basically paying for the map packs with the payed version, you get the pack packs earlier, you get more HD theater mode slots, and a couple of other features.

All in all, the free version of ELTIE has so much more to look at, compared to BattleLog.
But DICE/EA are smart, so I really hope they update BattleLog, as I will be playing both games quiet alot.

thrasherv32591d ago

I just downloaded Elite on the dashboard and it says "You need to purchase and play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 to be able to register to use Call of Duty ELITE" which I think is complete garbage. I thought this service was for the entire modern CoD series, not just MW3? I don't have plans on getting MW3 anytime soon(having fun playing other games) so this is very disappointing. I wanted to look at the stuff they had for the previous entries.

It might be free online(I have tried the full version on the website) but the app on the 360 sure the hell isn't. It's "Call of Duty" ELITE not "Modern Warfare 3" ELITE.

gamingdroid2591d ago

***It might be free online(I have tried the full version on the website) but the app on the 360 sure the hell isn't. It's "Call of Duty" ELITE not "Modern Warfare 3" ELITE.***

The idea is that future games will support CoD Elite. Black Ops support Elite, but not through the dashboard application.

I don't think enough people play older CoD games to justify using resources to integrate it into older games.

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AllroundGamer2591d ago

i hate Battlelog because it's in the webbrowser and that's why it isn't realtime refreshing servers etc., also they have to add something like autojoin (like in TF2, where you just press Join once, and if the server is full it will automatically wait till one slot is free and it joins you to the game then)

finbars752591d ago

Battlelog is awesome no doubt but paying for extras on elite plzzzz stop defending crap for the love of god.when Last checked we have free dlc without charge.move on and play your non innovative game plzz.

bobrea2591d ago

Battlelog is free...sooo, yea.

Trenta272591d ago

DICE could add those features and more and it would still be free.

Echo3072591d ago

That's a moot point because they don't have those features. Believe me, as a big BF3 fan, I'd love to see them add some more stuff to Battlelog, but seeing as how the game has been out for almost two weeks and they're still having server issues on my platform, I doubt they have time to think about Battlelog right now.

Echo3072591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

There are so many misinformed people on the internet that it makes me sick. Actually, what really makes me sick is that they're willing to be outspoken about things they know nothing about.

For the 1,000th time, about 99% of the features in CoD Elite are free. The free features vastly outweigh that of Battlelog. I've been using Battlelog for the past week with BF3 (great game), and while it's perfectly functional, the amount of stats that were available in the CoD Elite beta were staggering. Just an insane amount of info.

Again, Battlelog is all well and fine, but the free version of Elite simply crushes the Battlelog when it comes to what you can see, and where (and on which platforms) it can be accessed.

bobrea2591d ago

Whatever. Doesn't change the fact that the Battlefield series is FAR superior to COD at this point. So we're really comparing two free services that compliment a game. I'll take a better game and a not quite as good (albeit strong in it's own right) service with a great game over a slightly superior service and a shitty game.

Bring on the hate.

Echo3072590d ago

The debate isn't which series is better, douchebag.

We're talking about Battelog vs Elite here. Although, the one advantage to Battlelog is that it currently works. Elite still hasn't come up for me.

TooTall192591d ago

Free version of Elite >>>> Battlelog. It is no comparison. Check both of them out and tell me what Bl has and Elite doesn't.

Elite(free version) allows you to save gameplay vids and upload them to your YouTube account. You can also customize your classes from a computer or smartphone. Battlelog gives me 1 useful stat (W/L ratio) that I could not find while playing the game.

BeaArthur2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

How about because they did it long before either of these two.

thrasherv32591d ago

But Halo isn't a modern military shooter, therefore doesn't matter.

BeaArthur2590d ago

And that has what to do with stat tracking?

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