Microsoft: Border Control and Appalling Customer Service

The world is shrinking isn’t it? That’s what we’re lead to believe, thanks to the rise of the Internet and our reliance on it over the last decade. We take for granted that we can be anywhere in the world, move between countries and continents and still have our most important information right there at our fingertips. Some companies are obviously ahead of others when it comes to supporting these types of services worldwide, and one you would expect to be the best, was Microsoft.

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ForROME2596d ago

Cool story bro - BLOG it

BitbyDeath2596d ago

Does this mean other countries will soon exist outside of America?

kreate2596d ago

must be like the 10th article ive read about complaints related to xboxlive/MS within the past month.

I guess MS and xbox live isnt as good as ppl say.

for the record, when I called 1-800 4my xbox, for my RROD issues, they gave me good customer service.

gcolley2595d ago

this is not an article about your fanboy rubbish... go away.

jeeves862596d ago

Couldn't the guy just get some points cards back from his home country?

I expected this article to be about some whiny little bitch crying about how he couldn't get his account unbanned, but after reading it all I can say is that seriously sucks and shame on MS for basically just saying 'too bad, so sad.'