Battlefield Vs. Call of Duty [Infographic]

Comparison between the two biggest franchises for competitive multiplayer in terms of sales and reviews.

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SactoGamer2593d ago

It's interesting how EA used the same dev studio the entire time yet Activision continued to bounce between a number of different developers.

Lord_Stark2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

How else do they release a game every year? It WAS a great strategy when you think about it. Each game would have essentially a 2 year development cycle even though a game would be released every year. The problem was, Call of Duty 4's multiplayer formula was so successful, Activision is so cowardly, they wont let the developers deviate from what works, what sells. And the developers have just ran out of unique ideas to reinvent the franchise.

PhantomT14122593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Yep, Actually Treyarch's Call of Duty 3 was quite different from Call of Duty 2 and other Call of Dutys. Even it was far from best of the series, it still had intersting ideas.

JellyJelly2593d ago

The biggest difference I can spot in the infographic is that Battlefield didn't stop evolving in 2008.

Agent-862593d ago

That and BF never forgot about it's PC roots despite moving over to console. COD on PC has been going downhill since MW1 while DICE continues to put out good games across all platforms. As a PC gamer, I love DICE and hate being treated as a "second class citizen" by COD/Activision. I mean look at their latest insult: dedicated servers are unranked! What's the point of having them then?

Simco8762593d ago

Both are fun, and have their own fanbase. I am glad gaming still trucks on, no matter how many haters there are.

anthem2593d ago

Im happy to see that its not Halo vs COD any more

bub162593d ago

Im sorry EA but you will never win over COD. COD is so popular now and its one of them games you can just pick up and be good at in 20 mins getting screen after screen of rewards,

Im not saying battlefield is badly made or rubbish in any way at all it just takes alot more getting used to then COD

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