Capcom explains why UMvC3 has so many repeat characters

In an interview with's Game Guys, Capcom's Seth Killian chats with the Game Guys about Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, its characters, and the possibility of a fourth MvC iteration.

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WooHooAlex2597d ago

"Because we're Capcom, and that's what we do"

Kyosuke_Sanada2597d ago

Reminds me of when Angry Joe asked why Ultimate M vs C never became DLC and screwed over customers of the original.

Take a look....

hkgamer2596d ago

why wouldn't it have alot of returning characters?
the street fighter series has always done that, remember sfII and turbo. they just made the four bosses playable.
i do think they should have made it a dlc tho, capcom seems to have screwed over buyers of the original games alot (RE5, sfIV)