ESRB leak: Vanguard Bandits coming to PSN

Remember that old Working Designs PS1 release Vanguard Bandits? No? I get that, as it was kind of rare. It was a decent strategy RPG, but it wasn't really memorable. Still, it's totally worth a re-release as a PSOne Classic title...

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Squatch832534d ago

Great game. Really wish it was coming to Europe too :(

kingPoS2534d ago

I don't know myself as I haven't tried it before. But couldn't you just make a US account buy psn cards through amazon and have them email you the codes.

Wouldn't that work?

Canary2534d ago

Why is it great? Article was worthless, only thing it offered was a screenshot(?) that looked pretty damn generic.

Squatch832534d ago

Ooh nice :) so glad Europe is getting this too.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2534d ago

FUCKKKK YESSSS. I honestly wish they'd make a sequel or an HD remake of this game. I think it was the best turn based mecha game I've ever played.

Relientk772534d ago

Wow, I just bought this game over the summer on PS1


TheRichterBelmont2534d ago

Love that all these smaller releases are coming too with the likes of Final Fantasy and Chrono games.

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