10 Things the Xbox 360 Does Right

From gameplayer... "As the PS3 gathers momentum, and Wii sales rocket to the heavens, one could be forgiven for thinking that the Xbox 360 is yesterday's news. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's a powerful machine, it has a large install base, and many excellent games are available – with many more on the way. It does many things brilliantly, and several of its features beat the competition hands-down. Following on from yesterday's feature in which we looked at 10 things the PS3 does right, we're now ready to give the Xbox its due…"

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NextGEN Gamers3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

To quote the article, "By and large, mates don’t get together for a TimeSplitters Night, or a Quake Night, or even an Unreal Tournament Night. But the lads will gather for a Halo Night, bringing enough flat-screens and consoles to fill a house."

I have been to plenty of LAN parties for Quake, UT and other PC fps, and only a few for Halo. So to state that no-one LANs for PCs shows that he is either out of touch with the gaming community/industry or that he is intentionally fabricating the truth.

Secondly, when #8 is "It’s a true media hub." you know the guy is delusional. My Xbox360 can't play any video file but WMV (which is a rubbish video file), and only supports .mp3 audio. How does that make it a "True Media Hub"?


InMyOpinion3888d ago

Then I guess this was payed by Sony?

Stop being a total a$$. All these conspiracy theories from both sides are just so fckin naive and childish...

Rick James3888d ago

You lost me when you said "This is obviously a paid advertorial by Xbox, because..."

Give it a rest already. I am so tired of the conspiracy theories made by fanboys on this site. Obviously you are a PS3 fanboy because you came in here and commented negatively towards the 360. You do realize this is a 360 topic in a 360 thread. Go troll somewhere else please. I only own a 360 but even I can admit that all 3 consoles are good in thier own right.

ikkokucrisis3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Naw, this ain't no paid advertisement by Microsoft because there was no PS3 bashing in this article...

I liked this article, and wish more were written like this one.

NextGEN Gamers3888d ago

To those who think I am a Sony Fanboy I can only offer this. I don't own any Sony gaming systems and never have. Read my first post, I own an Xbox 360. I happily game on my Xbox 360, my Nintendo Wii and my PC. The 360 is a good gaming machine, but I dispute the two points the writer made regarding PC LAN parties and media hub capabilities.

But it is obvious that those who cried foul at my remarks regarding the 360 are Xbox fanboys, since they did not counter my points but rather my blasphemy at having anything bad to say about the Xbox.

BTW. This is not just an Xbox only article, since it is written as a dig at the PS3 and Wii, and appeared on the front page of N4G. I don't browse any part of N4G except the front page.


socsca3888d ago

How exactly is anyone supposed to counter the fact you've been on a lot of quake etc parties? Or that you think wmv is a crap format (your opinion)?

They called you a PS3 fanboy because only a moronic fanboy would say something like "This is obviously a paid advertorial by Xbox" KNOWING they've written an article exactly like this one about the ps3 before.

Seriously, you (and apparently some people below) need some reading classes:"Following on from yesterday’s feature in which we looked at 10 things the PS3 does right, we’re now ready to give the Xbox its due…"
Get it?

Bombomb3888d ago

everything MS dos is some conspiracy theory behind it.

PS3 FANBOYS are starting to lost touch with REALITY.

They also whine the most and beg for 10's for like every game.

can you say delusional..

NextGEN Gamers3888d ago

To quote socsca, "How exactly is anyone supposed to counter the fact you've been on a lot of quake etc parties? Or that you think wmv is a crap format (your opinion)?"

The reason that it is difficult to counter my point about PC LAN parties is because they (PC LAN parties) do exist and they exist in greater numbers than Halo parties. All I had to do to counter the original author's misinformed point was to point out that Halo LAN parties are not unique or represent the majority.

And the same reason it is difficult to counter my remark regarding the WMV codec/file system is that it (the format) is generally considered to be (at best) an average video format. To try and tell me my 360 is a "true media hub" when it can play only one video and one audio file format is an insult.

BTW, I'm still waiting for you to counter my points? What's the matter, has a logical and well articulated argument got you stumped? Maybe I should call you a "n00b" so that the argument is reduced to a level at which you can participate.

You n00b!


B Man3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

This is OBVIOUSLY a series of articles on consoles, NOT PCs. They just came out with the top 10 things PS3 did right, now this... my guess is Wii is next. In the very first paragraph they mention the three consoles... and say NOTHING about the PC. So there... there is absolutely no reason to counter your points because your points are invalid.

Your arguement on quake lan parties for the PC is meaningless. As for this being a paid ad from microsoft... read everything I just said again... moron.

lawman11083888d ago

"Come on in ! We've got PLENTY of PS3's!"

NextGEN Gamers3888d ago

To quote the article, "By and large, mates don’t get together for a TimeSplitters Night, or a Quake Night, or even an Unreal Tournament Night."

There are some PC games right there. Quake, along with Counter Strike, set the standard for LAN parties, and did so on PC. Fair enough, Quake 4 on the Xbox has done poorly, but then again it is a PC FPS ported to a console so what do you expect?

Your argument is poor, Brian. Try again.


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Prismo_Fillusion3888d ago

"6. Backwards Compatibility

New models of the PS3 have dropped this option completely. In contrast, the range of Xbox 1 titles that will run on the 360 continues to increase. Microsoft has even announced the availability of hit Xbox 1 games as paid downloads over Xbox Live Arcade. Now those who missed out on cult hits like Psychonauts on the last console generation have a second chance."

Out of the three systems, the 360 has the LEAST backwards compatability, with the exception of one PS3 SKU. And being able to buy original xbox games for download isn't BS, it's a ripoff - because I should be able to play my games I own already, not have to buy them again.

I have a few other problems with the list, but that's the biggest one. Certainly Xbox Live is something they did right. I hate that they charge for it, but it's still fun, and they're making lots and lots of money from Live.

SlappingOysters3888d ago

Maybe, but the Xbox 1 had the least amount of games too. PS2 library plus pSone is huge... and the Wii goes all the way back to the NES.

AddisonW3888d ago

* RRoD - The worst hardware design and reliability ever in the history of the console market. And even after two years Microsoft still has 360s failing over and over again and their latest public comments still talk about how good their replacement service is and no mention of the RRoD problem being fixed or ever will be finally fixed

* Disc Scratching - Two years on the market and people are still having their 60 dollar game discs scratched or destroyed by their 360. And to make things even worse they then have to listen a bunch of punks spewing damage control BS about "you obviously moved your console..."

* Noise - The 360 isn't just loud, it's annoying loud. The sort of noise that conveys just how poorly the system was designed.

* No Dedicated Servers - Gears of War, Halo 3, all are stuck with last gen laggy P2P networking. Billions of dollars in the bank and Microsoft can't even provide what PC and PS3 gamers get for free with every major online game - lagfree gaming with high player counts.

* Crappy Graphics - Most 360 games have turned out to not even run at 720p. Jaggies everywhere. Texture filtering problems. Tiny draw distances and areas. Tiny numbers of characters, objects, and enemies on the screen at once. The absolutely stupid too small for 720p EDRAM design in the 360 is the single dumbest graphics hardware design ever in a console.

* Gimped Storage - The 360 is the only console ever that actually shipped with LESS storage than a previous gen. Due to some sort of pointless DRM or security stuff on the 360 game discs, 360 games are stuck with only 7 gigs or so of usable space. That is about 1.5 to 2 gigs LESS space than last gen.

* No Standard Harddrive - Oh yes, the beloved Core model. The damage done to the 360 all in the name of being able to claim a lower price point is staggering.

* 50 Dollar A Year Online Charges - 50 dollars every year just to be allowed to play games online. Over five years that means that you are paying 400 dollars for the base 360 + 250 dollars in online charges. Paying for laggy P2P online play is an insult to gamers.

I can't honestly think of a single thing Microsoft has done right with the 360. It was rushed out the door after the first Xbox had to be prematurely pulled from the market due to the four to five billion dollars in red ink it had racked up. The 360 has the feel of a piece of hardware that a couple guys at Microsoft sketched out on a whiteboard for a few minutes.

Microsoft is blessed and cursed by its 10 million or so US console fans. They will buy anything from Microsoft no matter how bad or unreliable it is. Microsoft doesn't even need to try to make an effort and they will still get their same Xbox level of sales predominantly from the same US gamers who bought the first Xbox. And the rest of the gaming world who didn't care about the first Xbox are ignoring the new Xbox at virtually the exact same rate across the three major gaming regions in the world. Dead in Japan, floundering in Europe outside of the UK, and the rest of the sales coming from the US.

The 360 is on track after two years to hit the very same 24 million or so installed base worldwide.

Nicosia3888d ago

To be honoust didn't see a lot of flame. I am here and already 2 flames. Mind you this articale is about what the xbox does fail at reading.

Snukadaman3888d ago

But anyone else getting tired of both sides tooting their horns...everyone knows the pro's and cons of each console by now on here...Most are informed consumers with each consoles problems...ps3 owners seem more insecure with anything talking about their machine it seems...i got 32 people ignoring me but not once have i ever said "jump in" or any sort of nonsense like that..and i wont start either...whatever.

3888d ago
Ugly American3888d ago

In your ridiculous fanboy rant, you actually hit on a couple of good points... but even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then:

Yes, the RRoD sucks. But the worst ever? In my personal experience, I have gone through one 360 (I have four in my house) and four PS2's. My PS3 works fine except for the random software errors which are only annoying. And my Wii crapped out, too, so whoopdeedoo.

The disk scratching IS people typically moving their consoles unless you get that rare one that has a bad DVD drive.

Noise? Seriously? My PS3 really is quiet. And that is nice. But when I am playing CoD4, do you think I look down at my 360 and wish it were less noisy? I don't even notice unless I am in a room where I forgot to turn it off and it is the only thing on.

I agree with you on the dedicated servers. For the love of God, PLEASE give me some gaming without a host advantage... unless I am the host.

Crappy graphics? That is how I KNOW you are just a raving fanboy. I cannot tell a difference between my 360 or PS3. Shut up.

Gimped storage? It is time to get your facts straight... for the backwards compatibility, it takes UP 7 gigs, leaving you with 13 gigs. I have yet to need more than that. If I decide to download movies, maybe I will upgrade my hard drive.

No standard harddrive is a good point. I will give you that one. Ridiculously stupid. Kind of like taking out backwards compatibility.

Xbox Live--- 50 dollars a year... basically 4 dollars a month for a great service (and yes, I would still like some dedicated servers). It is light years ahead of what I deal with on PSN. Again, let go of the inner fanboy.

The 360 has a lot right, and if you took off your blinders, you would realize that. That is why in a household that has all three next-gen systems, I play more 360 games.

However, I did watch Live Free or Die Hard in Blu-Ray. That is pretty kick ass.

Boink3888d ago

addison you really are a tool.

good thing the entire gaming industry and non fanboys completely disagree with you.

but hey, you keep fighting the good fight defense force drone...

razer3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Why even do this when you know it's not right?? I can't tell if you are a disgruntled 360 owner or a PS3 jackass?

EDIT: Nevermind, I looked at your comment history. PS3 jackass confirmed.

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blacsheep3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

reading that article actually made me see that 360 never attempted to innovate,it has and did much of what the original xbox did, inc xbox live, hard drive, dvd drive, controller s, only difference is it is more powerful than the original xbox.

im not bashing xbox because 360 has some amazing games and live has progressed immenstly im just making an observation so no need to FLAME, say what you will about sony but succeed or fail they put alot of thought into the ps3 to push the envelope like they did from ps1 to ps2.

rechargeable controllers
7.1 dolby

only time will tell if sony got it right.

Bladestar3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Interesting enough... Microsoft tried to innovate so much and pack the original xbox with so much technology and horse power compared to the PS2... and how far did that take them? Billions of dollards in the reds and developers nor the people cared....

Now look at Sony 1 year later? and they are in a distant 3rd having to drop the price of the PS3 2 times in less than 6 months... they push innovation so much that created a box that even developers are having a hard time making games for.... they made an expensive box.. which forced them to strip parts (40GB SKU) and lower the specs in order to reduce cost and stay in the market... It's almost as if Sony didn't learn anything from Microsoft last Gen... Just remember the best technology is not the one that always wins... BetaMax was also more powerful and lost... original xbox was more powerful and lost... NeoGeo was way more powerful and lost...

Microsoft this time tried to be smarter.. and you can bash and call the xbox 360 a piece of crap in terms of power... but look around... it's working for Microsoft so far... developers love the box and great games are being made on the xbox 360... and to make things better... people are actually buying the games.. and the xbox division is profitable... Sony? who knows when they will be able to make money... do you actually thing that Sony will not be more careful what the put on the PS4 after this risky business they got into...
True there is a posibility that Sony will pull their act together... but this was a close call for them. They are currently at the mercy of Microsoft courage... If microsoft grow some balls and drop the xbox 360 price by another $50-$100... how do you think that will affect the console war?
Why microsoft have no done that? Who knows... they are too quiet about it... they are too quiet about IPTV, the fall update... and they may simply be waiting to see how the PS3 price drop plays out... to make a move... One have to be stupid to think that Microsoft will just sit on their hands and let Sony take the market they were already winning...
At least not without a fight...

FF7numba13888d ago

its not MS fault the xbox was pretty good. Its just dat sony has a choke hold on the world. So the reason why the xbox is losing is favoritism. More poeple just favor sony over Ms when it comes to consoles. Just like Nintendo and handle market. Nintendo is the best handler in the market even though psp is superior.

blacsheep3888d ago

you dont really understand what i mean

creating a powerful system is not INNOVATION!
consoles will always get more powerful thats how the industry works
innovation is another matter what the original xbox brought nothing new except more power it had the same dvd drive as ps2 both had a hard drive (ps2 hard drive was optional but it was there) no microsoft did not innovate with the original xbox and for the 360 they have basically cloned the original xbox but just added more horsepower!

ps2 was different from ps1 not just due to power but it brought forward the dvd drive which helped dvd movies in general explode into consumer awareness, it brought the hard drive it was radically different from the ps1

the ps3 is radically different from the ps2 once again a new format (blu ray),more power obviously, but the ability to run linux,bluetooth, home which i believe will be great, rechargable controllers,sixaxis,7.1 dolby,wi-fi,internet browsing sony like to evolve and take chances!

and to say the ps3 is a flop like original xbox because they reduced the price is noinsense the ps3 due to a 40gig version and price drop is now selling and selling really well. its got the big hitters comming 2008 sony have now humbled themselves woken up and are ready to fight.

2008 is the year where i believe you bladestar and the mart will purchase a ps3 and swallow your pride!

Bladestar3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

... I guess you only count as innovation the use of a new Disc drive... Hardware is not the only play to innovate... how about Software? You should thank Microsoft about Sony even caring about an online services... Microsoft succesfully brought online gamming to consoles. I'm not going to start a debate over microsoft innovating anything... most of you already have your mind hard coded and religiously believe that nothing made by microsoft is done right...

But I will mentioned the price thing about getting a PS3... Not about pride.. I'm just not a Sony fanboy anymore... You see... you don't need a reason to buy a PS3.. if it comes from Sony then you buy one... Many of us though we have the money we just don't dump it in the air... Can you argue against the xbox 360 having more games than the PS3? Can you argue that most 3rd party games are better on the xbox 360? Can you argue that many of the games Sony hyped flopped or weren't what they say it would be? can you argue that PSN didn't kill xbox live? I need a reason to put my money on the PS3.
I currently have an xbox 360 with lots of games to play... currently playing mass effect... what are you playing on your PS3 that I can't play on my xbox 360 (3rd party game?) 1-2 games? hell... I'm sure many of you already beat uncharted... now what? you don't even have achivements to add any replay value to the games. What game are you playing online now? 1-2 games? see my point? the PS3 does not have any game that can stop me from simply playing with my xbox 360 and a new xbox 360 worth playing keep comming every month... I mean... look at the frequency xbox 360 games are released... Bioshock, Orange Box, Mass Effect...

And yes you are going to give the speach about what's comming and how the PS3 will have games and PSN will be better than xbox live...

and I will tell you... I believe you. But as of today the PS3 is just another blu-ray player... and when wherever you say happens in 2008 then I will buy a PS3... when games that I care like Metal Gear and Final fantasy are released on the PS3... and guess what... I will pay $200-$300 less than you did when you got your PS3... and I will be getting it when it matters. I can use those $200-$300 to buy wherever game available now on the PS3 worty buying like Encharted... great things comes to those who wait... specially those that have enough to pay on the xbox 360. Nothing about pride... as matter of fact... pride is what many of you have... since you can't argue that the xbox 360 have lots of games worth buying the console for.. and yet you avoid it...

tomfoolery3888d ago

Well done Blade.
Much respect mate.

dantesparda3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

"PS3 is just another blu-ray player"

LOL! right, right, that right there shows just what an idiot you are! Tell me, what other Blu-ray disc player plays games?

"I will pay $200-$300 less than you did when you got your PS3"

Really? so its going to go down to $200 or $100? LOL! You are too much. And to Tomfoolery, i see that you are just still being a simple-minded fanboy

lawman11083888d ago

The WIFI internet adapter should be a pack in with any "Pro" or Elite ($90 bucks? come on MS) If you need this look on ebay I got one for $68 bucks +shipping well under the $99 MS wants. The 120 gb hd is almost $200 bucks thats another one you can find on line for around 90 bucks BTW + shipping. and I belive the USB recharge controler they need to come out with that too.

Oilers Fan3888d ago

It unbelievable how you took an otherwise good argument and condensed it down to two points. You give no input on any other point but "is nothing but a blu ray player" and "100-200" less. And by the price range, he is referring to those people who bought the ps3 at launch, or shortly after who payed the 200 dollars more, just to play a few good games, while he is playing his great games, and when the great games of ps3 like MGS4, FINAL FANTASY, KILLZONE and etc come out he will be buying a ps3 for 100-200 more then some people, and with the extra money hell be saving hell buy the few good games out now. But what other points are you going to disagree with him, by your reply your suggesting that he is a blind fanboy but there is no fanboyism in his comment.

dantesparda3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

You're funny Oilers fan, you must be new to this site or something cuz you obviously dont know Bladestar. He's a [email protected] 360 fanboy, that tries to pretend like he's not. And the stupid thing about your point is that you say that he meant from the system's original price point of $600, but guess what!? its already down a $100 to $200 from that price point, so that's not what he meant, he meant from now/from the current price points, making the system either worth $300 or $200. And you're gonna sit there and tell me that "its just a bluray player" is not a fanboy comment!? So if i said that the 360 is just a DVD player, you wouldnt consider that a "hating" comment? come on kid, if you dont think so then you're a blind fanboy.

And p.s. i own a 360 and have since day 1 ( Nov. 22nd, 05) and am already on my 3rd replacement (which i got back on July 22nd) and soon to be on my 4th, cuz the 3rd one has been freezing up and disc read erroring since day 1 that i got it back.

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Irving3888d ago

Lmao at point no 8a "CD and DVD playback come standard". It sure does ;D

SlappingOysters3888d ago

better than the frickin' Wii

Prismo_Fillusion3888d ago

Thank god because I still haven't bought one of those new-fangled CD players.

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