Red and Green dummies replaced in WWE '12

The dummies that knew more moves than Chris Jericho and guided us through the many movesets in WWE Games for years are no more.

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Relientk772261d ago

I remember them :(

they were in alot of past WWE games, I am trying to think how far back they go, its probably atleast the first WWE Smackdown vs Raw game

Spitfire_Riggz2261d ago

Smackdown just bring it on ps2 i think, I loved that game!!

Relientk772261d ago

Ok well, that's farther back then I thought lol

I have Shut your Your Mouth, and Bring on the Pain and theyre awesome. I didn't have Just Bring It because at that time I still had a PS1

RandomGamer2261d ago

They shall never be forgotten.

dragon822261d ago

They will be missed. :(

LoneWanderer092261d ago

I wish them well in future game jobs

Enigma_20992261d ago

They even took THESE guys out?

The "FUTURE" of WWE games, Ladies and Gentlemen![/sarcasm]

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