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It’s hard to put into words what makes this game so good. Maybe it was the moment when I stood up and started yelling at the TV when things took a turn for the worse for Drake and Sully. Maybe it was staying up to 3 AM to play “just one more” multiplayer round. Maybe it was the fact that the game is so solid in this game, that you feel like you’re playing an interactive movie and not a game. Whatever it is, I haven’t had this much fun with a video game for a long time.

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DonaldBeck2416d ago

well deserved. lawrence of arabia himself would be proud.

FierceAlchemist2416d ago

Great review. I look forward to more content from Tech Heads.

NHDrumline172416d ago

Thanks man. I'm one of the producers of Tech Heads and I wrote the review. Your kind words mean a lot! Follow us on twitter: @TechHeadsOU to keep up. We'll have more content up soon!