10.0 Modern Warfare 3 Singleplayer review "While "Battlefield 3" introduces new protagonists, "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 "continues it's dramatic story that left off with a temporary victory for the Americans, who then took back Washington DC.

Now the Russians are back and this time it's New York who is under attack, among with many other cities worldwide."

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fluffydelusions2594d ago

6/6? WTH kind of scoring system is that...who rates on a scale of 1-6 =\

AgentSnowman2594d ago

It's a "dice-roll" system. It has been the prefered choice for reveiew scores in Norway for years. It is also the way schoolgrades work here, on a 1-6 scale.

NukaCola2594d ago

There are tons of sites that do that. It's odd but not as lame as the 4 Star scale. A game is a C- or Perfect? That's a silly scale.

MidnytRain2594d ago

In those cases, it's best to think of them as "Bad, Okay, Good, and Great" rather than the school grading scale.

lugia 40002594d ago

Was expecting that. tbh modern warfare campaigns were always amazing.

spektical2594d ago

yea if you like tick tacked, glued together campaigns..

i enjoy this... in michael bays transformers, because i want to see robots beating the crap out of each other... but when i play a game, i want a decent story, especially for $60.

Noticeably_FAT2594d ago

Still better then anything Battlefield has ever done.

shadowwizard2594d ago

Anybody knows when embargo ends for "official review"?

AgentSnowman2594d ago

Midnight PST, 3am EST or 8am UK.

tickticktick2594d ago

6 out of 6? next up a 15.5 out of 4

Commander_TK2594d ago

Learn about other countries u moron.

Majin-vegeta2594d ago

Bro beat the story in one sitting it's boring as hell and very predictable there are about only 2 scenes that are worth watching.PM if you wanna know.

Noticeably_FAT2594d ago

Beating a game in a single sitting doesn't make it bad or even short. I've beaten Gears 3 (12 hours), Uncharted 3 (10 hours) and BulletStorm (9 hours)all in a single sitting and they were all great games!

A great game makes you want to continue on and see what happens next. I always go to the COD midnight launch, then play the campaign when I get home, take a power nap, grab some food and hit up the multiplayer after that.

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The story is too old to be commented.