7 games and series with fantastic worlds

Games truly bring fantastical worlds alive by letting us literally run, jump, and shoot our way through them.

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acronkyoung2591d ago

Completely agree. The entire reason I'm interested in the Bioshock series is because of it's world and aesthetic, because normally I don't like shooters.

THR1LLHOUSE2591d ago

Lots of good picks in there. Bioshock of course, but those Mario and Luigi games do seem to take place in some kind of alternate Mario universe where everything is somehow *more* weird.

NagaSotuva2591d ago

The worlds in the NES Little Nemo game were dreamy.

SDF Repellent2591d ago

going way back I like the Panzer Dragoon series. I know alot of people missed out on the series, especially the RPG masterpiece Panzer Dragoon Saga, but it has some of the best atmosphere and epic music score in the history of gaming.

Blastoise2591d ago

I think zelda:wind waker should be on this list

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