Press Pause: Dungeon Defenders and The War of the Worlds

This week on Press Pause, Carlos Rodela and Dan "Shoe" Hsu take a look at two new downloadable titles (one's great and the other...not so much). Hear their thoughts on tower-defense-action-role-play ing-game hybrid Dungeon Defenders and side-scrolling puzzle/action title The War of the Worlds.

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acronkyoung2591d ago

I think I'm sick of the tower defense genre now.

THR1LLHOUSE2591d ago

Yeah, same here. It's been the hot new thing for like...5 years.

Sadie21002591d ago

It's not really just tower defense, though. It's a bit more action-RPG than tower defense, and only one of the four characters can build primarily "towers" in the traditional sense.

NagaSotuva2591d ago

War of the Worlds sounds as fun as actually getting invaded by aliens.