Game Consoles Will Be 'Disrupted By Tablets In Really Meaningful Way'

Game consoles have been the staple of the industry ever since the transition away from arcades, but the rise of smartphones and tablets in the past couple years is already having a major impact on how games are sold to people, and the future of consoles is hazy, some would argue. Certainly, Neil Young, CEO of mobile games developer ngmoco, is of the mindset that mobile could represent the future.

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donniebaseball2391d ago

In a few years when tablets have the horsepower to really scream and you add in a wireless controller, I could see it happening

fluffydelusions2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Android ice cream just got controller support and the asus transformer prime tablet is quad core. Not yet released though the date will be given in 2 days...hopefully this month or next.

DA_SHREDDER2391d ago

The Asus Transformer looks awesome, I cant believe something like that exsist?! So who says the ps4 is not gonna be a tab again? Ive been saying it for the longest time, it's only a matter of time.

fluffydelusions2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Yeah the transformer is neat but if you're going to buy a tablet it's best just to wait. Everything out now is dual core tegra 2. The tegra 3 quad cores will be rolling out soon starting with the prime probably later this month.

persistentlobster2391d ago

At the AsiaD conference Jonney Shih said that the Transformer Prime would have its official unveiling on the 9th but all the other sources i've read point to the 9th being the actual release date! I hope that's true.

fluffydelusions2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Yes would be very cool if it was released on the 9th. I'd buy it. I'm also considering the kindle fire. It's only dual core but it is also only $199 and hopefully cyanogenmod is in its future.

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death2smoochie2391d ago

They already have tablets using wireless or Blue Tooth controllers.

Here someone used a PS3 controller with An Android phone. Then hooked it up to a large screen.

Currently these are unsupported "hacks but work perfectly. Imagine what will happen when these companies provide full on support...

By late 2011 and early 2012 the first generation of quad core chip-sets from Nvidia and Qualcomm will be on the market. Qualcomm's chips sometime later but running at above 2ghz quad core.

End of 2012 early 2013 the refresh for those chips come out and they will be 3 times as fast. Nvidia and Qualcomm has their chip-set road maps detailing this.
The mobile CPU/GPU technology is moving at an unbelievable rate.

persistentlobster2389d ago

Finally the full details were released! It's coming in December with 32gb for $499. And there's 2 different colors!

smashcrashbash2391d ago

BS. Tablets will not replace console any time soon. You can't put a tablet or phone in your living room and play games with family and friends. As long as that market exists consoles are not going anywhere. Same thing with televisions. You can put all the television shows on every device possible and people still want to by big wide screen televisions to watch their favourite movies on. What are you going to do when you and your family want to watch a movie? Hold up you phone while they look over your shoulder? Prop up the tablet on the coffee table and squint at the screen? Please.

Si-Fly2391d ago

Actually you already can stream games from your iPad onto your 50" tv and play them whilst sat on a sofa. And pretty soon you'll be able to play Arkham city straight from your iPad with a wireless controller in bed or with the iPad plugged into your TV... check out onlive.

nycredude2391d ago

Do you have to plug it into an ac outlet to play for a long period? If so wtf is the point? the whole point of a tablet is the portability. If you have to plug it in to ac just to play a game you might as well just get a console or pc.

Also where are all the great games coming from? Content is king and if there are no games worth owning then I will always pass. I may get a tablet for something else though.

kma2k2391d ago

I had the same viewpoint as you not to long ago, but the truth is this is the future. These new tablets are comming with HDMI output so you can connect it to your tv & blutooth contorller so you can use your ps3 contorller while playing it on your tv. I dont think ps4/xbox720 will be tablets, but i do belive that the next gen will all be on tablets connected to your tv with everything being digital download nothing physical anymore.

multipayer2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

I think the Wii U controller and it's streaming abilities will prove more useful and cost efficient. Tablets are just weak laptops, and laptops are weak desktops. I can't imagine this ever not being the case, streaming is needed for any serious business to be done on a tablet.

Pikajew2391d ago

The closest thing we will get is the Wii U controller and that's about it

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