Rock Band, Guitar Hero III video games do rock, but real is better

If this were strictly a review, Rock Band from Electronic Arts - and its first cousin Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock from Activision - would probably both receive high scores. In terms of entertainment value, it doesn't get much better than these two titles.
But something still seems fundamentally wrong when you pick up the video games, which both require that you press an ever-changing sequence of colored buttons to simulate playing the guitar and bass. (Rock Band also has a microphone for karaoke and a small drum kit.) What kid will ever want to pick up a real guitar, when learning to play a fake one is so easy? If Rock Band had been available in the late 1980s, would we even have a Green Day - or just three more no-name slackers killing a lot of time in their parents' basement?

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rosko4863956d ago

What kid will ever want to learn to be a real plumber, when learning to play a fake one is so easy?

Just using Mario as an example. Oh look, another example.

What kid will ever want to pick up a real football, when learning to play with a fake one is so easy?

Prismo_Fillusion3956d ago

A game of pick-up football with my friends is always more fun than a game of Madden - no contest!

But it would take years to be able to play some of the songs in GH or Rock Band on a real guitar - compared to days or weeks in the video games.

name3956d ago

What kid would wanna be a serial killer, when killing someone in manhunt is so easy?

ShadoWulf3955d ago

Is a heckuva lot more fun than Guitar Hero. You can actually MAKE your OWN SONGS! And play them! And make MONEY! Oh, and it gets you more attention and makes you more attractive than that guy who sits in front of his TV and pretends to play guitar... believe me.