GTPlanet’s Kazunori Yamauchi Interview: Standard Cars, DLC, and the Future of Polyphony Digital

The 'father of Gran Turismo' talks GT5 and the future of the GT series.

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Ddouble2591d ago

"I actually didn’t have that much time to prepare or train this year for the race. I actually brought a copy of GT5 to the hotel, and throughout the event, I would come back to the hotel and practice again with the game. Even while the actual race was going on, between my driving sessions, I was practicing in GT5!"

Like a BOSS.

I also agree that more cars is better than turning standards into premiums. Too bad we won't get another Tourist Trophy though.

Hicken2591d ago

Freakin Kaz. Gotta love this guy. I think part of my love for the GT series is that someone so dedicated to racing is at the helm. I can feel his desire to translate his love for racing into the game, and the same is true for everyone at PD.

I can't freakin wait to see what else they have in store for this game, and for the franchise.