Xbox 360 version of Skyrim has texture-loading issues

Some users who’ve been fortunate enough to get an early copy of the Xbox 360 version of The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim has confirmed that the game suffers from texture loading issues.

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smurfz2593d ago

So until it's patched, we should play from the disk on the 360. Am fine with that.

gamingdroid2593d ago

The question is how the heck does that even happen?

Why would streaming the entire (disc) content from hard drive be any different than streaming it directly from the disc?

It doesn't make any sense why you have two sets of assets in the first place, and then only stream the crappy one?

It's not like there were space problems... I heard the game was like half the disc size i.e. less than 5GB.

Something doesn't add up.

Awesome-Xanto2593d ago

I've installed pretty much all my games to the hard-drive, and I noticed some of them for some reason preform worse when installed, I don't get it either since streaming from the hard-drive "should" be faster than streaming from the disk.

So it really doesn't make since for any of these games to preform worse on the hard-drive...

gamingdroid2593d ago

In terms of "performance" as in loading speed, there are only a handful if that, that do perform worse.

It has more to do with when the game was designed, that the hard drive was used as a cache i.e. a secondary source to increase data output. By installing it you just funneled the secondary source onto the same medium so there is no longer a benefit.

In 99.99% of the time, the hard drive will be faster or at least match the optical drive.

What I was pointing out is why would you have different assets loaded from disc as opposed to hard drive?

The entire disc is on the hard drive and that doesn't add up.

Voxelman2592d ago

I remember reading on Digital foundry that the way that the 360 HDD Cache works can cause issues in certain conditions when reading from the HDD.

Sub4Dis2592d ago

the better question is what kind of garbage game site uses cell phone camera images to illustrate a point? junk site.

ChrisW2592d ago


Below 'View Screenshots >>' click on ' +' and then rate their site according to how you feel about it.

reynod2592d ago

Console gamers dont really care about graphics, its all about gameplay as they say so. Why whine about afew texture loading issues then? gameplay is not effected right?

catguykyou2592d ago

So, there are multiple assets for the same 3d models and textures on those models. Many engines use a streaming method that lowers the detail on items not close to the character. The closer you get to an object/ land mass, it streams in a higher and higher quality texture/ model until its using the premium asset. Because of this, it's not uncommon to have 2 -3 of the same model/ texture, just with variant degrees of quality.
Depending on how they handled the caching, it is possible it is unable to load one of the higher quality textures.
Now the game isn't going to error out or crash. It will see the error as a recoverable exception and continues on. I would imagine this can be fixed with a day 1 patch. Hopefully it will be.
Hope that clarifies why it is possible to get stuck with a low res texture when a high res one does in fact exist, as well as why multiple quality variants of the same assets exist within the game.

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fluffydelusions2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

And given Bethesda's history that probably means the PS3 version is worse...sigh. It's basically a given this game will be buggy. Either's still a day 1 bugs and all. I just hope there are no game breaking bugs.

DonaldBeck2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

the ps3 version of oblivion was the best version, so i think both versions of skyrim should be equal and a great experience for xbox360 owners and ps3 owners. come on bethesda, your better than that. anyways day 1 on ps3.

fluffy, i didn't know that, i just hope both are equal. it would only make sense seeing as the ps3 is more than capable (obviously) but from what im hearing about the blurry textures im a little concerned.

fluffydelusions2593d ago

Pretty sure it was better because it came out much later and they fixed the bugs.

RedDead2593d ago

That's ture but there was also a year between them. FO3 was not, and 360 is lead platform this time too unfortunately(for any looking to play SKyrim Ps3 and Pc)

NukaCola2593d ago

Oblivion on PS3 with patches from being a year late was the best to get.

Fallout 3 on PS3 was buggy because Bethesda didn't support that version at all.

Fallout New Vegas on PS3 is great (post patches) and they really shoed support there.

Skyrim is promised that PS3 version is given a ton of care to ensure it's going to to work. So we may be suprised. The 360 version is what they showcase but the PS3 version may be awesome as all hell! We will see.

Blacktric2593d ago

"the ps3 version of oblivion was the best version, "

It's ported by a Japanese company. Not by Bethesda themselves. And Fallout 3's PS 3 version was way worse than the Xbox 360 version in comparison. There's no actual proof that the PS3 version will look/run better than the Xbox 360 one so far.

Ocelot5252593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

the ps3 version of oblivion was made by 4j studios on the PS3, not bethesda ( )

SuperSaiyan42592d ago

It wasn't the PS3 version of Oblivion had characters that looked like they were zombies the graphical image quality of the characters was terrible, the only improvement was the draw distance thats it.

Gamer19822592d ago

Look at all your disagrees lol all those 360 people disagreeing as they hoping the ps3 suffers the same problem as heaven forbid the ps3 is the superior version. So they hit disagree.. Oh dear.. I miss the days when gaming was about fun and great games not about graphics and DLC.

humbleopinion2592d ago

Oblivion on the Xbox 360 had better textures and included 2XMSAA missing from the PS3 port. I don't see how people can claim the opposite.
For evidence, you can check old beyond3d thread for pixel counting and analysis.

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papashango2593d ago

Go pc version if you can. The community fixes are legendary. They usually end up malling a compiled patch of fixes that bethesda don't give an eff about

Tanir2593d ago

plus mods are always awesome

Gamer19822592d ago

mods are a beat for games like this im not getting the game personally but fallout 3 and NV mods were AMAZING and no doubt similar modders will make mods for this.

Blackdeath_6632593d ago

i really do hope the ps3 version is not neglected bethesda will loose a little bit of credibility since they've been saying that they have enough experience with ps3 and so on i the videos they've released.

hiredhelp2592d ago

Tottally Agree all games from bethesda's has always been buggy from RPG to other genres.

Only thing that im most concerned about is the way Bethesda is now with ID WHY? well take rage ok we saw only 360 footage ok when rage had issues Bethesda was quick to jump in and save them NOT ID' i watched quake con this year for skyrim they played via the xbox 360 too. Not knocking the 360 im knocking the choices they making i feel a bad port comming on for ps3 and even the PC scene. and im expecting alot more patches I hope im wrong.

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Scumlabs2593d ago

I hope they release a day one patch taking care of this problem.

fluffydelusions2593d ago

They are releasing a day 1 patch. It's right on the frontpage here :) What it entails I'm not sure however.

psb2593d ago

so I couldn't care less.

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