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Submitted by ncstatefan953 1554d ago | review

Review: Battlefield 3 (

Juan of Vivid Gamer writes:

"Battlefield 3 released on October 25, and after playing through both the single- and multiplayer experiences on both the PC and PlayStation 3, I have come to the conclusion that Battlefield 3 delivers in almost all aspects." (Battlefield 3, EA, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 9.5/10

rrquinta  +   1554d ago
Looks like this year's GOTY will be interesting.
TheLiztress  +   1554d ago
It definitely gives the other potential GOTY titles a run for their money.
Jamesmanguyperson  +   1554d ago
Great review! Very thorough and well written.
paybackprahl  +   1554d ago
Excellent review. You seemed to take a more favorable stance on the campaign compared to other outlets

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