Call of Duty: Elite, Is It Worth It?

As we all know, Modern Warfare 3 will be release on Nov, 8th. It will be one of the biggest titles that will hit us this year. Modern Warfare 3 will possibly be the most sold game of 2011. We all know how big Modern Warfare 3 is, do we all know about the new Elite feature?

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fluffydelusions2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

If you are planning on buying all the map packs then it's worth it as it's the cheaper option. Thing I'm wondering is if a buy the subscription will it only work for one system. I plan on buying the game on 360 first but may eventually get the PS3 version (maybe) so if I buy for 360 will I get the content on PS3? I doubt it knowing Activision...

C2LIVE2565d ago

I doubt it. Too many people would just let their friends take up the extra slots.

ScubaSteve12565d ago

r u sure it is included, ik it seems like it is but i wonder if activision will do something bad and say it is included but charge for them

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Cosmo8112564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )


Maths fail. This assumes you must pay for Elite when it is in fact totally up to you. The game has a $50 selling point, just like all others. if you want cheaper DLC go for it.

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farhad2k82565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Obviously it's worth it, you save £1 here in the UK on all the map packs if you just go with ELITE instead. I buy all the map packs every year anyway, so it's all good for me.
Plus, you get more HD Theater mode slots, which is great if you don't have a PVR.
Also, you get to compete for REAL MONEY. What more do you want?!! For £35, it's a BARGAIN! Even if it was £50, it would be worth it, as you get the map packs which are worth £36 all together, and all the extra features on top.

Count me in, that's why I pre-ordered the hardened edition, like millions of other people I know. :D
2 more hours!!!

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killswitch20k2565d ago

In my opinion it's pretty much a season pass with more features. Worth it? Depends on how into COD you are.

RioKing2565d ago

^This. Elite isn't for everyone. But if you are a cod fan who buys the map packs for the endless hours of gameplay that they's worth it :)

s0c0m2565d ago

Is it just yearly, or can you pay by the month? Does anyone know?

fluffydelusions2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Pretty sure it's just yearly. Supposedly, there will be monthly DLC and stuff so I doubt they would make that option available .

s0c0m2565d ago

Well that annoys me. I would rather pay for only what I use/play

fluffydelusions2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

^^ I understand but this is just a way for Acti to get more money =\

EDIT: @below yes you would think that but then you would not be thinking like Kotick...I wouldn't be surprised if that guy uses dollar bills as napkins to wipe his face.

s0c0m2565d ago


You would think at one point they would say "wow, we sure do have a lot of money, lets give our fans something in return for getting us to this point".

However yes you are correct, this is Activision we are talking about.

KonGreat2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

It's yearly. Although what I'm curious about is what Activision will do after most of the gamers have had their subscription elapsed. I have a feeling that they will release some awesome DLC after that, just a thought.
edit, although the social side of elite is for free! (stats and stuff i think?) just the extra features require the subscription

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lorianguy2565d ago

Well the amount of anti-cheating measures it brings and the fact that all DLC is included makes it good.

GraveLord2565d ago

If you plan on buying all the map packs then yes it is definitely worth it. If not then just to stick to the free Elite.

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