Here's What the Xbox 720 Will be Like

It’s hard to believe that the Xbox 360 was released way back in 2005. This console cycle has by far been the longest in history, and the rumors of a new Xbox are in full swing.

The video game industry has changed tremendously since the 360’s release, and consoles are not just for games anymore. Microsoft has morphed their box from being a game console to a media hub. You can now watch Netflix, tweet, and update your facebook all from your console. Looking back to the old blade style dashboard it’s amazing to see how different and better the dashboard has become. So what is the future like for the Xbox?

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dark-hollow2591d ago

How about not call it 720 :p

chadwarden2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

They think they're smart? We ain't doin geometry. Were here to play some games.

AbyssGravelord2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

That's dat triple baby! It's nice and black, that's dat true shit.

Chad Warden makes the best games.

gamingdroid2591d ago

I always liked Xbox Next. It also kind of rimes with Kinect.

Xbox Next with Kinect!

BuffMordecai2590d ago

Xbox Nexus would be a pretty good name.

Agent_hitman2590d ago

The upcoming X360 dashboard looks gay than the we have today lol... EPIC FAIL!

and I heard that Win8 will be like that?, I mean similar to windows phone OS? = GAY!, lame..

2pacalypsenow2590d ago

i dont take any article that calls it 720 serious...