Time Crisis 4 Reviewed by PSX Extreme 5/10

PSX Extreme writes "Time Crisis is one of Namco's oldest franchises, dating back over a decade in age it came about shortly after Sega's light-gun shooter Virtua Cop, and three years after Konami's Lethal Enforcers. Time Crisis would become the most well known of the light-gun shooters, and Namco didn't limit the appeal of gun games to simply shooters, as the GunCon controller also received three Point Blank games - an amusement park-esque game with tons of shooting galleries to partake in, it was great fun. Back on topic, Time Crisis isn't exactly a franchise that Namco has milked vigorously, as this is only its fourth iteration, having seen only one spin-off, Crisis Zone. So here were are, a new era of games, a new controller, and a new Time Crisis. But what's gone wrong here that, for the first time ever, we're playing a sub-par Time Crisis? Quite a lot..."

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picker3323952d ago

Well i quess we all agree with that review.
It's even little too much,i think 2/10...

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