Captain America: Super Soldier Review (3DS) - GameZone

GameZone's Robert Workman states "Though Captain America avoids falling in the pile of crappy movie-to-game adaptations, it can’t quite justify its high price tag. It’s a decent brawler, and the extra segments, particularly the on-rails segments, are noteworthy. However, the 3D is more distracting than supplemental, and the lack of replay value leaves this firmly sitting in rental territory."

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DemonStration2565d ago

Well...the movies was okay. Meh, going to stick to Batman.

lance422565d ago

It seems like no super hero game from a movie is going to make it on the 3DS.

TheSanchezDavid2565d ago

At least this was decent and not abysmal. At least. =P

athmaus2565d ago

looks like a decent game, but not for me