PS3's RSX Shrinks Next Month, Cell Later

Just recently announced by Sony, a few major components will be receiving dye shrinkage within the next few months. The components receiving the shrink is the CELL and RSX. The heart and brain of the PlayStation 3.

What is dye shrinkage though? Its the process when the general core or cores of a processor and/or all the transistors are made smaller. Doing this reduces heat and lowers power consumption. Production costs are also lowered greatly as more processors can be made out of each wafer.

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moses3800d ago

The paint job is a bit pricey :\.

Fighter3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

pretty neat. I want the Ferrari Red.

I dare someone to get the pink one.

Lord Anubis3800d ago

the 45nm chips will be interesting, perhaps the fanless model Japan HQ was talking about will become a reality.

ruibing3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

I think the only things shrinking the die at this point will do is reduce the production cost of each unit. For there to be a fanless PS3, the entire unit will have to be made of aluminum and have heat pipes running through it (same as those fanless PC case), it will probably cost more to manufacturer and be too heavy to be worth it. It really won't affect consumers much except smaller fan, lighter unit, and a bit more quiet at night when you're running [email protected]

@Lord Anubis
It's hard for me to say but I just can't imagine a fanless CPU that runs at 3.2 GHz. The PS2 was at around 300 MHz for the CPU and 150 MHz for the GPU, which are the processing speed of fanless devices such as the PSP. I think it won't happen until they are able to break the 22nm barrier and introduce some more advanced fabrication technology like Intel's high dielectric K.

Lord Anubis3800d ago

I beg to differ for 45nm takes practically no energy to make the functions of its bigger brother. It's a similar reason why PS2 slim exists..

at 45 it becomes viable to unite both the rsx and cell just in the same way EE and GS were united to form the PS2 Slim.

MK_Red3800d ago

It's funny how every time I decide to finally buy myself a PS3 something new is introduced. When I wanted to get the old 60Gb, suddenly 80Gbs was announced. I decided to give it time and later when finally got my money, 40Gb was introduced. I tought about getting the 40Gb before December and now, it says 65nm ones are coming out and later, 45nm Cells.

Danja3800d ago

and I say you should definetly get a 60GB before there all gone...this is the best console of them all..!!!

MK_Red3800d ago

By keeping my PS2, which PS3 would be best for me? Without worrying about BC, I think 40Gb is the best choice. What do you think?

xplosneer3800d ago

If you can get the 60GB, you can get rid of the PS2. If not, get the 80GB. You will feel bad afterward for not getting the best model, and those Memory Stick ports and 2 more USB ports really help more than they sound.

Fighter3800d ago

I would recommend the 60GB because you can also upscale your PS2 games to 1080p and you won't have to buy PS2 games off the PSN once they are available unless they sell them at a good price. Just remember that the PS2 library is still growing and won't stop till 2009. That's my guess.

If you do wait for those smaller chips it will consume less power an Sony will probably have software emulation in the near future but emulation covers only 80% of the games or lower.

MK_Red3800d ago

Thanks for your help and suggestions. While I'm pretty sure about keeping my PS2, the idea of upscale PS2 games to 1080p is pretty sweet. God, I was almost ready to get 40Gb now I must think about 60 and 80 versions a bit more :)

Danja3800d ago

well as some of the others stated go with the 60Gb..I stll have my PS2 I use it now and then because honestly I think PS2 games were meant to be played at 480p...not all ps2 games looks so good upscaled..

but as someone said those extra 2 USB ports do come in handy...
but you can also get the 40GB if you really dont care about' a good they might actually implemet that feature later down the road..after the 60GB/80GB are totally phased out..might be a while

chrno63800d ago

You should def get the 60g as it has full bc. You also spare the trouble of switching consoles when u want to play ps2 games, not to mention that it leaves you more space.

Prismo_Fillusion3800d ago

I'm in the same boat as you MK_Red, except that I have no PS2. When Sony keeps announcing new cool features for the PS3 and continual price-drops, it just makes me want to wait longer. And that's not really a bad thing for them, because eventually they'll get my money regardless.

My bigger problem is that I have a pretty new SD tv (I got a brand new 32" for $200 in August, and since I was definitely in bargain-hunter mode). I don't think it's worth getting a PS3 unless I have a 1080p tv on the horizon. *sigh* at 1000 bucks.

MK_Red3800d ago

Thanks again for tips and help.

Prismo_Fillusion, agreed. The new and rather frequent additions (and price-drop) make me want to wait more and more.
As for HDTV, I think a cheaper 720p supporting one would be enough.

Prismo_Fillusion3800d ago

720p is okay, but it seems like the way to get the most out of the machine is to buy a 1080p, even though they're generally around $400 more.

OmegaKulu3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Personally I'll go for 60/80GB since those are made in Japan, just an extra layer of security I like to have =P
(+ the USB ports and HDD size too, if BC doesn't matter)

waltercross3800d ago

I Suggest the 60 GB, but there discontinued now, I was lucky to get a 60 GB PS3, you should hurry if you want the 60 GB.

by the way, the 60 GB I Have is made in China not japan.

dhammalama3800d ago

It's the most complete package. Just upgrade the hd if you need to.

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akaFullMetal3800d ago

cuts cost, and makes the ps3 cheaper, plus on the power bill, win win for all i see, ;)

Hydrollex3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

Disagree and agree ?

So bubble me guys comon you guys leme PWN 360 noobs here

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