Assassin's Creed: Revelations Gameplay (Gamespot -Now Playing)

Ezio Auditore da Firenze is back.

GameSpot travel to Ubisoft Montreal to bring you an extensive playthrough of his adventures in the city of Constantinople.

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disturbing_flame2592d ago

Assassin's creed is great but it's always the same engine, same mechanics, same gameplay.

Some people are sad to see that MW3 is like MW2, to me Assassin's Creed is the same, it' s now an episode each year and it had no big differences with the old ones.

Except that multiplayer that is really cool, i don't think revelations will be a revolution in the Franchise, it just looks like an add-on we will buy 60$.

fragnificent2592d ago

well personally i love the story of the game and play it to see it progress, and the multiplay is really original. love it

MintBerryCrunch2592d ago

as far as AC1 and AC2 goes, that was a huge upgrade, idk about Brotherhood since i haven't played it, but Revelations looks like a good game

i'm a sucker for engaging and deep SP story lines and that is what AC has done really well even if it pushes the boundaries when you conclude each game

Croash2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

I'm glad it's one episode every year because we need a closure in 2012 and so far, the story has been mind blowing. It's not like Ubisoft has let us down with 20 hours long singleplayer experiences, evolving gameplay mechanics, less repetitive/more interesting/more fun missions, incredible music tracks and top notch voice acting. This is quality.

Sure, a lot of the gameplay isn't fresh anymore but what makes the game interesting is actually getting yourself immersed in another century, with interesting characters that you care about appearing in each iteration. The protagonist's evolution, by itself, makes you want to go on (Altaïr in 1 is a mentor in R., Ezio's life has been covered in 3 games, Desmond is becoming as skilled as his ancestors).
And I guess Desmond's story in 2012 will eventually get the exposure it deserves in Assassin's Creed III as he still hasn't acted like a true assassin. At least he's getting a more interesting role in Revelations with the entire black room thing. But I'd really like to see an AC game taking place in 2012 for at least half of the single player experience.

Anyway, Revelations pre-ordered, let's hope I won't be disappointed by the plot.

Uhh, looks like I forgot the actually "reply" part of my comment. Well, what I said shouldn't make it look like an add-on. It's like calling Jak 3 a Jak 2 add-on because it runs on the same engine, has almost the same gameplay mechanics and isn't really a revolution. The problem with Modern Warfare is that the developers aren't trying to do anything new. Sure, there is a story, the gameplay is loved by many and the multiplayer is probably one of the best out there, but it stops here.
You can't create an intriguing plot with such a short experience (MW 2 is a fine example of that, and the ending of MW3 I've just watched doesn't make it any better).
There is nothing that makes you want to go on. I didn't want to know what happened after MW2 and it still is true for MW3, because it isn't interesting. But Assassin's Creed's endings have always been about frustrating cliffhangers that make you want to travel through time.