Battlefield 3 Sweepstakes Announced

Electronic Arts has announced today that they will be holding a sweepstakes for the game Battlefield 3.

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fragnificent2568d ago

one word. AWESOME!!! cant wait

Majin-vegeta2568d ago

Number 3 would be so awesome alienware pc with bf games:o *Faints*.

LeonVesper2568d ago

I rather have the cash. Personally, I would use the 5k to build a better rig that no Alienware PC can touch.

JonahNL2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Sweepstakes? SWEEPSTAKES? I'd rather have EA and DICE focus on releasing a patch for Battlefield 3. I am one of the many players experiencing freezes, rubber banding, crashes and so on. This game is a diamond in the rough and it needs a shitload of polish.

Eromu2568d ago

They have been patching several issues, you just don't notice because it's server-side.

JonahNL2568d ago

That's the whole point. We need a client side patch (and another server side one, while we're at it).

Majin-vegeta2568d ago

Damn really??I experience lag but only on Caspian border and Tehran Highway.Only frozen on me once since it was released,and no crashes so far.

PS3 version btw

JonahNL2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

I'm on PC, so that might explain it a bit. It differs per server, but overall I'm experiencing a lot of issues.

Hufandpuf2568d ago

After they stabilize the game, connection issues and such, then they can focus on gameplay tweaks. I really hope they nerf that mortar.