Skyrim set for day-one patch

Bethedsa has announced that it will be releasing a day one patch for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, which is set to hit retail this Friday.


Bethesda have now given an explanation as to what the patch is for:

- It includes some minor stability fixes
- Addresses quest progression issues

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baboom2232534d ago

Good. already fixing bugs.

Uomoz872534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

Edited, soz, I need to realize the tone of a comment xD

baboom2232534d ago

What..? I wasn't trolling. I was simply stating that there paying a lot of attention to fixing bugs already :3

MAJ0R2534d ago

nah man I think it's meant to combat piracy, purposely leave bugs in the game and patch them day 1 to give people who got it illegally a bad day

AngryTypingGuy2534d ago

MAJ0R, if they purposely left bugs in to combat piracy, then they could potentially have a class action lawsuit on their hands, unless the package says that an Internet connection is required to play the game.

Believe it or not, there are poor saps who don't have their consoles connected still, in the year 2011, so any game sold in a store unless specifically stated should be ready to be played whether a patch is available or not.

MAJ0R2534d ago

it will be ready to play, just expect bugs (minor ones) and issues as the ones stated above

nothing that makes it unplayable of course

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Vortex3D2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

Real question is why didn't the developer delay the game so that the game doesn't need "day 1" patch?

To me, when I see a new game getting "day 1" patch, that means the game was rushed out the door to meet the deadline schedule before it was done. I don't believe in paying full price for a broken product out of the box.

Somehow most gamers today are happy to buy broken product out of the box as long it comes out on time.

HSx92534d ago

honestly as long as they have the power to fix it with patches and its not a "game" breaker, release the game, I can't fuc'8ing wait.

artynerd2534d ago

I record music for a living, and a record is NEVER done - there's always tweaking, level adjustments, EQing, etc. At some point, you just have to say "good enough".

I can only imagine how many millions of times more tweaking goes on for such a huge title at Bethesda:

Designer "Let's add this feature!"
Programmer "But then it will add more bugs"
Artist "I think I get get the textures to look juuuuust little better on this rock"
Sound designer "I think the clanking sound of glass dagger hitting a leather shield should come up 25% of a db?"

And how the heck can you play test a game properly that offers 400-500 hours of gameplay? That's JUST following the quests, never mind all of the crazy crap people try to do.

I applaud Bethesda for how few bugs were in Oblivion and Fallout. Considering the massive scope of those games, it's almost impossible to foresee every combination of game-breaking bugs that can arise. Sure, there are more polished open world games, but none that offer the freedom of an Elder Scrolls title.

Here's to hoping their new bug fixing system works as good/fast as they're saying.

smartmart2534d ago

you also have to take account of the time it takes to burn those disks, package them (with all the stuff crammed in the box like in Collector's edition) and ship them around the globe for a simultaneous release in stores as diverse as it can be. this takes time, a lot of it. so they have to rely on patches to fix the games they make if they want to respect the schedule. we, on the other hand, just need to wait for a download provided free of charge. from my point of view this is responsible consumer service as in "we fix it before you experience issues"

Yukicore2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

You do realize that it takes time to actually write all the discs and print covers and booklets? Video-games should be done and ready to ship out to stores at least 3weeks before release.

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baboom2232534d ago

Just to add btw.. the patch fixes some minor stability and quest progression issues. for those of you who haven't seen the new article

Highlife2533d ago

I never did finish Oblivion due to a bug. Now it wasn't on the main quest of the gates but it was a side story I wanted to finish. It pissed me off and I didn't want to start all over to finish the game. I learned the hard way to always remember to have multiple saves. Hope I am bug free in this one. Can't wait!

arnyftw2533d ago

Ahh. They didnt fix the texture loading issues. Oh well I'll play off disc and use the fan that bought for Oblivion because it used to red ring my console.

garos822534d ago

a little off topic comment but any help would be appreciated. ive never played an elder scrolls game before but im more than likely to pick up skyrim. is there anything im missing in terms of story in the series or are they all independant from each other?

im actually looking forward to this having spent literally hundreds of hours on dark souls

BitbyDeath2534d ago

I wouldn't worry about the story. Most people just play for the fun and get lost in the side missions.
I've been playing them since Morrowind and still have no idea what's going on half the time.

Great game though.

AngryTypingGuy2534d ago

It can stand alone, but it won't hurt to Google or Wiki The Elder Scrolls to get a brief synopsis so you can at least have a little back story going into it.

garos822534d ago

much aprreciated guys plus bubbles

Iroquois_Pliskin2534d ago

I tried going to TES wiki. After 5 minutes reading, i was more lost than before. And thats coming from a MGS fanboy.

sonicsidewinder2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

It's pretty deep overall.

Almost to the degree of Tolkien.

Like there's a whole creation myth to the world, there being a bunch of demi-gods/gods that are worshipped. With some races having different names and meanings for them, even though they are the same thing.

Yes Elder Scrolls is deep. I mean you can go into the game, sit in a book-store or library and just read up on legends and history. You could sit there for hours reading stories, within the story. It's beautiful. :D

Some books even explain happenings in the previous games. For example 'The Real Barenziah' series of in-game books.

Bottom line is, you can learn about the previous games, in-game if you wish.

But in the're here to enter an immersive world with Dragons. This will be the main focus for sure :P

BlackUmbra2534d ago

From what I got the story lines are not as connected as you'd think. It's basically that all the lands are in tamriel but they don't share allot of the same story aspects

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Blackpool2534d ago

Its good that they're fixing bugs but all these games with day 1 patches should already be bug free.

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Romudeth2534d ago

Although Skyrim looks amazing I can't bring myself to buying it based on my experience with Bethesda games this generation. They are by far the buggiest things I have played and I'm not very eager to experience the constant freezes and glitches that I did with the Fallout games and Oblivion.

If Skyrim isn't any buggier than a regular game then I'm there but if it's anything like Bethesda's last few games then I'm going to have to regretfully pass this title up.

Crystallis2534d ago

I totally agree with you. Thats why im waiting at least a week to hear from the folks who bought it.

arnyftw2534d ago

They ran it through a glitch engine 24/7. I think they have finally learned from their mistakes.Those fallout glitches were annoying and frustrating, but Oblivion had less glitches. I mean it did have glitched quests but most of the glitches gave an advantage to the player. Like in Oblivion my vampirism quest glitched, but my vampirism glitched too, so I had the abilities of a full vampire, but took no sun damage.

KwietStorm2534d ago

Haha didn't know Blade was in Oblivion. I should boot it up.

chretienm2534d ago

I'm glad to hear that they ran it through a glitch engine! I love Bethesdas games, but damn were they buggy as hell. I remember playing Fallout 3 and a Super Mutant Giant was hovering above me. This glitch actually helped me because I killed the damn thing without taking any damage; seeing as he was standing in midair.

Drekken2534d ago

Why is his disagrees so high? Bethesda sucks when it comes to coding. FO3 broke my PS3 60GB.

My expectations are low for a bug free game this time around.

Romudeth2534d ago

There are more disagrees for my last post because some people obviously don't want to hear the truth. Bethesda has released some of the most bug filled games this generation. This is well documented.

Yes, the games are amazing but you can't deny the fact that they would be true masterpieces if not for the game breaking glitches. Don't get me wrong, I WANT Skyrim to be a near seamless game but judging by Bethesda's track record this gen I don't trust them. I'm going to wait for the inevitable Game of the year/Ultimate edition of this game to come out next year and hope that it runs relatively smooth.

Captain Qwark 92534d ago

need time machine so i can hit fast forward......

WetN00dle692534d ago

You can always hibernate till the 11th.

Thats what ill be