Xbox 360 Ahead of PS3 in October As Battlefield 3 Is Expected to Lead Double Digit Sales Growth

NPD results for October should be in later this week, and according to Wedbush Securities' NPD preview, Xbox 360 likely came out on top yet again. Wedbush expects hardware sales of 180,000 Wii units (down 22% year-over-year), 350,000 Xbox 360 units (up 8% y-o-y), 265,000 PS3 units (up 6% y-o-y), 140,000 DS units (down 59% y-o-y), and 250,000 3DS units.

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fluffydelusions2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

This is no surprise. 360 has been beating PS3 stateside this whole year. I'm actually fairly certain it is this way in most English speaking countries. At least that is what I've been told. WW is a different story however. MW3 will also push more 360 sales even though it is not exclusive it sells like it is. Also, I think when TV services, Youtube, Skype launch on 360 it will be a high selling point for the system as well. Even if someone doesn't game it acts as a great media center for the home. What's interesting to note is that the weekly/monthly sales difference between 360 and PS3 in the US is basically the complete opposite in Japan.

disturbing_flame2567d ago

Yes 360 is doing really pretty good in the US as the PS3 is rising worldwide.

It looks like the HD market has now supplanted the Wii.

Dante1122567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

@ disturbing

That's how it been for awhile now, which is why the PS3 is currently leading in sales for this year. 360 looks to have the most of the NA sales. I must admit, I am a bit curious to see how the PS3 pricecut is doing WW though (If the fiscal reports are anything to go off of).

ApplEaglElephant2567d ago

Well, i guess MS's gambit to go from hardcore to casual paid off.

this is a bad news for 360 hardcore gamers though. Now MS will be even more focused on casuals.

Dante1122567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

All consoles but the Wii seem to be up this year in NA. Most sold pretty well.

DonaldBeck2567d ago

yep worldwide is a whole different ballgame jack ;)

gotgame19852567d ago

Are you american jack? if so why aren't you on the home team. That's just like the LSU and ALABAMA game this week end people who live in ALABAMA that are AUBURN fans were going for LSU, now does that make any since at all.

towelie12882567d ago

battlefield is great on 360
better than i thought
lots of games to play this holiday!!

JellyJelly2567d ago

Kind of ironic considering EA marketed Battlefield 3 more on the PS3, similar to how Activision markets COD on the 360.

tickticktick2567d ago

But it worked for Activision.

SDF Repellent2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

Guess what 5119ent, the best selling genre and selling games on PS3 are all shooters like COD, Battlefield, and Uncharted, just not on the massive scale as the X360.

Tito082567d ago

@ SDF Repellent- As of right now, FPSs are selling great on PS3, but that does not mean PS3 owners are as much of a FPS fanatics as Xbox owners, because look at Resistance & Killzone 3, PS3 exclusives, being great games, but didn't sell as great as it should of deserved, maybe it was bad timing, both might have sold well, but FPSs isn't a genre very much affiliated with PS...

Uncharted, despite having shooting, isn't very much considered a shooting game because it's also adventure, it's 3rd person, has puzzles, hand-to-hand combat with a great story!!!!

When it comes to best selling FPSs on PS3 it's basically Battlefield & Call of Duty, but still isn't a genre that that most PS3 owners like!!!!

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