First Skyrim Review Score: Is 95 Really Enough For Players?

Update: After that leak about Skyrim's first review before its release on Friday, gamers are asking if a 95 review score is really enough to make it a GoTY title for this year.

In case you have any suggestions, show it on the discussion below.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2392d ago

HAHAH since whan was GOTY based off of other peoples review scores??

Every person, magazine, website or reviewer has their own personal GOTY that they choose. They dont look at other peoples reviews or metacritic to decide what is GOTY.

People clearly dont understand that GOTY is based on opinion and there will always be differing opinions.

fluffydelusions2392d ago

There really needs to be a universal scoring system for games.

Xenial2392d ago

I agree. Games should be based on how well they score in it's genre etc.. Not opinionated. If anything, reviewers should do both then? There needs to be a rubric for games, to score them within there specific genre, gameplay, length, etc..

HardCover2392d ago

No there doesn't.

People just need to start reading the reviews instead of the scores.

Saladfax2391d ago

Ahhhh, I wish I could agree 50 more times.

kramun2391d ago

'There really needs to be a universal scoring system for games. '

That's just stupid. A rating is a rating, whether it be 5/5,10/10,100/100 or 1000/1000. The only ones who argue over them are usually fanbois anyway.

As HardCover says, the actual review is more important. Read the review, don't just look at the score.

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The Meerkat2392d ago

Batman AC
Uncharted 3
Portal 2
Gears 3
Forza 4

Any one of the above games is capable of getting GOTY awards.

Just play as many of them as you can.

xPhearR3dx2392d ago

Personally, I'd take Batman and MW3 off. Add LBP2 and you got a good list.

rabidpancakeburglar2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Take Batman off? What is wrong with you? And you can't say take MW3 off because there are a large number of people who would give it their GOTY because of their personal opinion.

DonaldBeck2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

personally i liked lego batman more than arkham city but i know it released some time ago and i would not add it to goty.

as for the score 9.5 is excellent, it should be enough for anybody, and for true fans they will buy it regardless.

you trippin

papashango2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

"And you can't say take MW3 off because there are a large number of people who would give it their GOTY because of their personal opinion. "

Ya people not gamers.

Pikajew2392d ago

Where is Zelda? BF3 and MW3 will never be contenders same goes with Forza because it's a racing game

KonGreat2392d ago

A racing game can still get a GOTY=Game Of The Year. And Forza is a game last time i checked.

Balcrist2391d ago


I think you're mixing up what Pika is saying... As a game, Froza has the possibility to get a goty, but due to racing games generally not being good and an abundance of games that deserve the title, Froza does not have the capability to win the goty....

Bathyj2392d ago

Its so sad that LBP2 is being overlooked.

It took what was just about the most groundbreaking game ever, and turned it up to 11.

vickers5002391d ago

My GOTY so far is inFAMOUS 2.

overlorduk2391d ago

Shame Witcher 2 is being overlooked too.

MasterCornholio2392d ago

When I have the game in my PS3 then it will be enough.


DonaldBeck2392d ago

yea, i cant wait either, i hope amazon dosent take to long with shipping skyrim.

Canary2392d ago

Allow me to briefly summarize the article, along with all current and future comments (including this one):



swice2392d ago

Lol! I'm giving you bubbles for intelligent

MasterD9192392d ago

I really doubt any other games coming out this year will get that 95 or above score at this point.

We should be happy that we have a ton of great games and have to actually decide which one is worthy of being GOTY.

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