GTA 5 Rumours: Sorting Fact From Fiction

NowGamer runs down the probability of GTA 5 rumours and weighs them up against the facts so far.

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Feckles2477d ago

Really want Claude to be the main character in GTA 5. Love the idea of seeing him as a family man sucked back onto a world of crime.

ViciousHamster2476d ago

I want to be able to get married to random pedestrians >:)

TimmyShire2477d ago

I'm tired of GTA. I'm not sure I care about GTA V. Does that make me dead inside?

skyward2477d ago

Fact: LA
Fact: Cars
Fact: Guns

That's all the facts so far.

outlawlife2476d ago

planes and dogs are also facts

TheHean2476d ago

If you want some real insight on the trailer, watch this video

HeavenlySnipes2476d ago

I hope they have better radio stations, most of the GTAIV ones sucked except for the talk shows

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