5 Reasons Modern Warfare 3 will beat Battlefield 3

Alright, so if you haven’t heard that Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty are this year’s biggest FPS contenders, I’m going to take this time to ask you to see a doctor, because you’ve been laying under a very heavy rock for far too long for it to be healthy. But once you’ve been checked out, come back and read this article.

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fluffydelusions2448d ago

Everyone already knows COD will outsell BF3 and probably do so in one day...time to move on. We get it.

Septic2448d ago

Yeah exactly.

And Justin Bieber will outsell Rhoyce and Eminem.

velocitygamer2448d ago

"5. Story

Call of Duty is undoubtedly one of the single greatest storytellers in the FPS genre."

Wtf did I just read?

Ghoul2448d ago


hahahaha so true sorry but cod is ace at action yes

story ??? did i miss something.

oh riiiiight,, yeah i missed the story on the cod games

Ezio20482448d ago

in terms of sales...i has already when it comes to pre-orders.

Wizziokid2448d ago

we know it will sell more, god damn it was a given but it doesn't make it the better game, how many more articles do we need on this..

Like Septic said, Justin Bieber will outsell Eminem, so by this COD logic everyone of you think Justin Bieber is better than Eminem (apart from the smart people who know sales don't mean it's better)

Keyop2448d ago

Who cares! I got both, best of both worlds ;)

pctrollv42448d ago

as long as bf servers are full and there's always enough players, i am good. On the other hand, will never play another COD game.

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