Cooking Mama cooks up over 12 million units sold worldwide

8bitfix writes: Cooking Mama graced our Nintendo DS systems with the first title in the franchise, Cooking Mama, back in 2006. Since then, she has been back with more titles, not only for the DS, but for the Wii as well (also iPhone and iPad). Taking us into our virtual kitchens to cook up some fantastic recipes, sharpen our skills, decorate our kitchen and Mama herself with accessories, and most of all, not to burn our food and make her angry and see that fire in her eyes.

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CaptainPunch2598d ago

70% of the sales were from females..I only kid ;)

dark-hollow2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

The definitive cooking simulator.

LoaMcLoa2598d ago

I'd let her cook my stew (?)

InTheLab2598d ago's not surprising this game flopped so har....wait....sold how much?

Venox20082598d ago

wow, just wow.. and other great devs are struggling and this sold THIS MUCH?!? :/