IGN: The Orange Box PS3 Hands-On

There are plenty of reasons for PS3 fans to be skeptical of The Orange Box port. But the technical issues aren't going to be enough to deter anyone who wants to enjoy Orange Box on PS3. Unless you require your games to never dip below 30fps, you should not strike The Orange Box off your PS3 holiday wish list.

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gamesR4fun3916d ago

Seriously hoped to see a decent port but Im not surprised EA does it again...

ruibing3916d ago

Ever since I bought Orange Box for the PC from an Asian online retailer and got my account suspended on Steam, I've lost whatever motivation I used to have in playing CS and CS Source. So unless they can provide a PS3 game without spitting on it first, I'll be looking elsewhere for my gaming needs this holiday season.

rushbd3916d ago

"There is an upside. The PS3 version of Half-Life 2 and Episode One have a few extra lighting and texture touches that make some areas look better than on 360. There's also a handy quicksave feature. Hold down the start button in any of the five games to quicksave without having to go to a menu. It comes in handy, especially if you man up and play on the hard difficulty in the Half-Life games."

"The framerate problems are most prominent in Half-Life 2: Episode Two. It's in this portion of The Orange Box (my personal favorite of the collection) that the most noticeable hiccups can be found. However, the drop from 30 frames per second is sporadic. You can go 10 minutes and have everything running perfectly, and then hit a few minutes that have some jitters. Again, none of it was enough to make me throw my controller in disgust."

Half-Life_Fan3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

"You can go 10 minutes and have everything running perfectly, and then hit a few minutes that have some jitters. Again, none of it was enough to make me throw my controller in disgust."

Sounds exactly like my PC when I'm playing HL2 & HL2:Ep1 except it jitters a bit longer than 10 minutes. Hence the reason why I want it on my PS3.

chelcho3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

People, you should read article! They didn't say ps3 version is a flop. There are some framerate drops (not many) in episode two, but have better lightning and textures.

BrianC62343915d ago

Screw EA and Valve. I'm buying UTIII. That's a great game and a game designed for the PS3. Not some port. I don't really have a problem with EA on The Orange Box. I'm sure they'll do the best they can. The game shouldn't be rushed out though. Delay it and make it better. I blame Valve for this though. Gabe Newell is an idiot. I'm not buying anymore of his crap.

There are too many great PS3 games out and coming out to waste money on lazy or crappy ports now. A year ago we didn't have that much choice. Now we do.

witchking3915d ago

UTIII is designed for the PS3? Funny, I thought it was designed for the PC... as a PC franchise... and the PS3 "port" kind of fell out of that... just as the 360 port will inevitably follow.

However, none of that is a defense of the Orange Box on PS3. I think the real issue here is that most gamers are aware of Gabe Newell's disgust with the PS3 development kit, and we're anticipating that in addition to the Orange Box being delayed on PS3 that there will be issues with it as well.

Nagthragarthoth3915d ago

There are more than enough games and studios I would rather support than these D!CKS.

UTIII for me and my PS3.

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Real gamer 4 life3916d ago

Sorry but UT3 got my money already.

MEGANE3916d ago

i was about to post the same...i was planing on buying this game 4 months and am so disappointing and then i realize UT3 its a lot better and they r trying really hard on ps3 ....screw u valve and EA.

Daishi3915d ago

You can play it on 360 or PC as well so what's the problem?

DJ3916d ago

I'm just going to get Unreal Tournament and Haze. Sucks that EA was in charge of this port.

toughNAME3916d ago

haha nah i'm kidding

even though theres a lot of hate for the PS3 version it'll still sell like madddd

skyline20033916d ago

It does suck that EA did this port. That Valve guy just has it out for the ps3. From the sound of this hands-on, maybe it still worth a pick up. Or at least put it on ur xmas list and let the girlfriend spend her money.

ELite_Ghost3916d ago

get your girlfriend to buy it for you? Who do you think you are?
Unless she's rich or something that's not right lol

MikeGdaGod3916d ago

thats what i just did with AC and Uncharted.

i wasn't 100% sure so i had my gf buy them. thankfully they were good purchases.

Kleptic3915d ago

ha...I am already screwed with UT3...she has "confirmed" it as a Christmas present, which means I have to wait until the 25th instead of the 11th....that kind of sucks...

Not sure if I will ever get this...I loved the original, was a little disappointed with this "episodic" content stuff though...SourceEngine was awesome in 04...but it definitely shows its age (even though EA confirmed to not use any SPE's on the PS3 port...exactly why it chugs at times most likely)...I have just been wanting half-life 3...

TF2 is fun though...and have played through portal several times now...but I will probably not get this any time soon...TF2 is cool in taking the class system to the next level, but I prefer the perks of CoD 4 more anyway...a game by the way that absolutely trashes every version of HL2 visually in the first place (making it even more frustrating that they couldn't get more than 30fps out of it)

BrianC62343915d ago

Maybe The Orange Box will end up being worth the money. I wouldn't recommend a preorder or even buying it before Christmas. Wait for the reviews and opinions from people who bought it. Why risk $60 on it if you aren't sure?

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remix3916d ago

but im sure none of the reviewers will take off points for its technical issues, i mean they didnt do it with mass effect so why for a ps3 game right?/sarcasm