What If…PS Vita Destroyed the 3DS?

Fronttowardsgamer: The PS Vita is almost sure to be a success, but how much of one is still unknown. What would happen if it decimated the 3DS? Well, let’s take a trip into the alternate universe, where the Vita destroys the 3DS.

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Abash2565d ago

Im pretty sure sales will be a lot closer this time to each other.

Tired2565d ago

I don't wish one to triumph over the other, but as a 3D evangelist I feel the 3DS has set the 3D movement back by quite a bit...If only for the media backlash it's received in the UK.

I wanted to like the 3DS but the 3D effect is quite pitiful. But maybe thats after playing on my cheap 120" projected image for £750.

It doesn't seem value for money.

Titanz2565d ago

Are mods on a break around here?

This place is so bias, it's ridiculous.

TruthbeTold2565d ago

Yeah seriously. I'm fine with some of this now and then, but when a story like this is approved in mere hours or minutes, and a story like, 'The Hating Needs to Stop: Why the next generation of handheld gaming is a fair match' languishes in submission hell for days before failing it disgusts me.

yabhero2565d ago

Thank you, I wrote that article and your comment means a lot.

cpayne932565d ago

It failed because it's a blog, but it would have definitely been a better article than this piece of crap.

f7897902563d ago

I see plenty of approved "articles" that are just opinion pieces (a blog).

klecser2565d ago

I don't understand how a SONY fans self esteem can be based off of a system they are looking forward to "beating" another system. It is an incredibly immature concept and does nothing but stir up needless controversy. The purpose of this site should be to report and foster positive community, not continue to stir up trouble. You have failed N4G.

Venox20082565d ago

because most of them are kids and think that their SONY is the best and god to them (graphics and other "stuff".. yea, that's immature to bash another companies and want that they would fail, but not Sony.. I want that both companies would release more and more great games, so I could buy Vita someday and both handhelds would have many games to offer to us..

Jio2565d ago

Don't be quick to make generalizations. I love sony more than any other company but I own a Wii and 360. Only a small percentage of console owners are real "fanboys" who can't like more than one company.

remanutd552565d ago

where were you in 2006 and 2007? you should have seen this site , there was lot of sony is doomed , ps3 doesnt have games articles in a day lol , those who bought a ps3 between that time and used to come to this site really suffered for their preference , how things have changed uh? well now it does look like a pro sony site.

Venox20082565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

:D yeah, actually thats a funny truth.. and we all know what next articles will be: 'vita & wii u are doomed', 'will next xbox be faster than next ps or vise versa' .. 'will consoles & handhelds die in next gen', 'will apple release a console and become a pear' ..blah blah.. write real news, people.. oh I don't mind 'top ten' and other lists, because i can find some games, that i've missed so othets too..

smashcrashbash2565d ago

People are basically blind to things like that. Its okay to shout '3DS is going to be the greatest system ever' months before anyone even plays it but its taboo to even mention that the VITA has a chance against the 3DS.Just watch if the article said '3DS WILL destroy the VITA' how fast people would agree and dismiss the VITA as nothing but hype.

People always jump to say 'Sony fanboys do this and that' while you always see the same person in some Sony article trying to cause trouble.Its okay for them to talk bad about another system and predict its failure but just don't talk bad about theirs

5119ent2565d ago

Lol..i honestly dont see them making it without a handheld

Hicken2565d ago

Given how much revenue they generate off their handhelds, I can agree with that.

ronin4life2565d ago

Nintendo would simply go bankrupt before being bought out. They have stated this before.

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